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  • quietlyleaving

    lol - too funny

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    I today spoke with my mother in law (hard core dub) and ak her riddle:

    One brother had a father who was a witness, and his father had also a father who was a witness.... what generation of witnesses was the brother....

    She looked at me like if I was an idiot and said "well he is a third generation...

    Me: "No he is still first generation... you havent read your 15 April WT right ???"

    It was really funny, try it also....


  • European xjw
    European xjw

    The following is an advice to the WT spin doctors: They can beef up their new truth with some support from the Bible.

    The overlapping generation counting is used already in the Bible. After having applied this new understanding onto the generation lists for Moses and Joshua , we have concluded that Moses father was not his father but his grandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandfather. All the intermediary fathers were secondary in the eyes of the author and not mentioned, therefore he used the overlapping generation definition when he presented Joshua and Mose as living in the same era, even though they had eight generations difference. Joshuas eleven ancestors between him and Jacob were therefore perfectly matched to the four ancestors between Moses and Jacob. The overlapping generation explanation is surely a wonderful new light discovered by the faithful and discreet slave, rather much as the discovery of the book of Moses in the forgotten archives of discovered by the priest Hilkia. ( 2 Chr 34:14-15)

    PS. This is a piece of information I discovered in the excellent book "Who wrote the Bible", by Richard Freidman

  • treadnh2o

    Welcome Europeanxjw,

    Excellent find!

    So are we still living tin the last days? Or were the JW's originally a couple centuries off?

  • besty
  • song19

    wrong topic...

  • Aeiouy

    This progressive understanding, the "Light Getting Brighter™", is not, however, in support of the Trinity. While it is true that 3 different generations are in fact, not 3, but one, this does not hold true with God. It evidently is Grandfather the first generation, Father the first generation, and Son the first generation. Some have been over-zealous in their personal study, coming to conclusions that do not support the facts, or are out of line with established Bible truths. Regrettably, this New Light™ has been taken by some to mean that we, the one true Spirit Directed™ organization on earth, support the teaching of the Trinity. This could not be further from the truth....


    Oh yeah. This makes sense.

  • teel
    All the intermediary fathers were secondary in the eyes of the author and not mentioned

    If I remember right, that is simply because the ancient hebrews didn't have a separate word for "grandfather", and "father" was used more like you would use the word "ancestor".

    And welcome European xjw. Have a seat.

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