What is "being in love"?

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  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I believe that being in love requires that the other person be in love with you.

    I beg to differ, Poopsie, and say that it is rather the opposite. Inter gender relationship seems, IMO, to suffer from this basic flaw whereby one loves while the other accepts being loved, and in more (not so) extreme situations, one suffers as the other yawns.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    My ex and I fell in love It is not lust but about the person. Scott in his book "The road less travelled " gives a good analysis. Well worth reading

  • carla

    If you have to ask then your not in love. If you have to ask others if should marry someone or not then maybe you should think twice. If you do not understand the concept and real feeling of 'oneness', 'melding of souls', etc... then you have not experienced it. Can you have an ok marriage without all of this? I guess yes, ask all of those who are in arranged marriages and how they 'grew' to love the person they were forced to marry. Many of those have been married for years and years, out of love? or out of obligation is the question. Which would you prefer?

  • poopsiecakes

    Hi aligot, I'm sorry but I'm not sure where the disagreement is...my point is that if there's apathy coming at you from the person you're 'in love' with, then how can you really be in love? To be in love, (again, in my opinion) the other person has to feel that they are in love with you. When that happens, there's mutual respect and equal willingness to overlook the things that would drive you crazy if it were anyone else...

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