Did You Ever Have Any Dirt On Some Witnesses?

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    Oh man...I had so much dirt on people I needed a wheelbarrow to carry it around. But you know what? It made them all HUMAN and REAL and not at all "Gods Chosen Ones". And while that determination made me realize I was hyping and selling hypocrisy door to door and I immediately quit doing that, it also drove me straight out the door of the Kingdoom Hall. They can wallow in their dirt and their double lives WITHOUT ME.

    Some of them I called up before I left and told them what I knew...BROTHERS included. And while they backpeddled and apologized and were embarrassed...I walked. One of them however, who was a notorious male whore, was online running a JW S&M club and cheating on his wife and bringing young brothers from the hall to prostitutes and bars in the city and then coming back and giving TALKS....walking free amongst Gods People slimier than maggot on roadkill. Him I turned into the elders. For the sake of his wifes HEALTH.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Not really dirt....but, I had some embarrassing things on a CO and his buddy. He hand picked a JC of his kiss asses to look into it and it was swept under the rug.

  • slipnslidemaster
  • minimus

    slippy, tell me about it.

  • donny

    A company I used to work for used this one vendor to buy various wire assemblies from. A good friend of mine worked at this vendor and so did an elder who was in a different congregation at our Kingdom Hall. When I told my friend that this guy was an elder in his church, he was surprised because this elder often told him about the latest releases of "adult" films and what was good or bad about them. He told me that this guy always finds a way to inject sex into whatever conversation was taking place.


  • minimus

    I knew a prominent elder that used to get drunk with his employee and it appeared they were fooling around too.

    I knew of an elder that regularly was "feeling good" during the evening meetings. He'd joke, laugh and smell of wine every meeting.

    BTW, both these guys are no longer "serving".

  • jacquicortez

    i was at an elders home doing some work and came across his porn collection

    i never said anything to anyone. He was a nice person and i just felt like it was

    none of my business. Although i wonder how could he sit in on JC meeting

    reproving and disfellowshipping people about imorality when he's addicted to it.

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