Did You Ever Have Any Dirt On Some Witnesses?

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  • minimus

    I knew some elders that were very reluctant to go after certain people because those people knew little secrets that they kept to themselves.

    MANY Bethelites I knew were huge drinkers. There was kind of an unwritten pact that if you were cool with it, you were part of the "in" group= you would get "privileges" and bigshots would be your "friends".

    Did you ever have something over another Witness??

  • asilentone

    YES Big time.

  • Finally-Free
  • acolytes


    When I discoverd I was living a lie, I confranted many witnesses of all standings in the congregation-I got acknowledgement from so many (Even If only facial expressions) that they new it was a lie..... The Irony is Iam the APOSTATE and the dirt.


  • minimus

    I gotcha, Acolytes.

  • dissed

    I recently found out an in-law, Elder, was covering up two of his kids that were sleeping around. He said he didn't like what they were doing but if they continued, to be sure and use birth control and make sure the Elders don't find out.

    Of course, my wife and me are scum because we don't attend any more, but that's different. lol

    Should I tell the Elders? Nah, not worth all the trouble it would bring to the family.

  • minimus

    HYPOCRITE! Shame on them.

  • Magwitch

    My ex-husband of 20 years (long time elder) smoked pot and got rip roaring drunk every Friday night with his buddy.

  • yknot

    ......of course......

    That said are there really many people under 60 who are really that devout versus fronting as devout....

    My circuit is rampant with marital and unmarried oral sex.......shhh just don't tell them I told you!

  • VoidEater

    Just open secrets - who was smoking, who was doing heroin, who was getting/giving handjobs behind the roller rink...after getting counseled by a JC (not mine) to not "spread rumors" (IOW, to not answer affirmatively about what I knew) I learned not to let anyone know I knew what was going on.

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