Looking for Physicians/Nurse Practitioners Observing JW Blood Rules

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  • Alternator

    I thank you all for your replies. blondie, www.noblood.org is an outstanding source of information and I would suggest it to anyone - JWs particularly.

    My wife's blood count is now at a near normal 9.7

    I was amazed to find that on an issue that WTS seems to place so much emphasis on, they do not have a viable support system directed and coordinated at national/international level. The idea that local leaders are capable of identifying health care professionals (JWs or otherwise) who practice the organizations noblood protocols is ludicrous. I am sure that there are health care professionals who are WTS members - at the very least the organization should have a directory for its members.

  • AudeSapere

    I'm glad you wife is now close to normal range with her blood count.

    For future reference, I know the 'bloodless coordinator' at a hospital in Northern New Jersey and am happy to provide her contact info. PM me if anyone has need for it.


  • moshe

    I had a topic on blood transfusions earlier this month. Find a Rabbi or Jewish doctor that can explain the Jewish viewpoint on blood transfusions for your wife, that may help her see where the WT has went off the track.

    Good Luck-


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