Looking for Physicians/Nurse Practitioners Observing JW Blood Rules

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  • Alternator

    I am in urgent need of a medical professional (in coaatal Carolina are - between Charleston and Savannah) for my JW wife -blood count dangerously low.

    Released from hospital with blood count at 5.5 and "there is nothing else we can do for you here that you cannot do at home (iron supplements, high iron/protein diet).

  • StoneWall


    I went back and read your first post and if I understand correctly you're a catholic and your wife is a JW.

    If she is resolute on holding to the blood stand, the Elders at her local kingdom hall should be able to help you get

    in touch with some doctors that are skilled at working Witness patients. They will either have a list at the hall or should

    be able to get in contact with the hospital liaison committee.

    A couple of things you haven't addressed yet. Is your wife a baptized J.W.? Or is she just attending meetings?

    The answer to these questions will make a big difference on what happpens as far as they are concerned.

  • PSacramento

    If the issue is a low blood count then there really isn't much any medical professional can do outside what would be the correct thing to do.

    I am sure Stonewall is correct and that the local KH is the best place to fins info on "JW freindly doctors", but I am not sure what can be done.

    Is there a reason for her Blood count to be so low?

  • wobble

    Have the medics considered using something like EPO (ethropoiatine or similar word) to boost start the bodies production of red blood cells ?



  • Alternator

    Dear Stonewall, PSacramento and Wobble,

    My wife is a baptized JW and other than during the time of her recent hospitalization has never missed any kind of gathering.

    She has been in contact with brothers, elders and committees - they met with attending physicians and I thought they were very confrontational.

    I finally got it across to them that it was up to them to give the doctors alternatives to blood transfusion and they ultimately did . The physicians applied all JW initiatives including EPO.

    I am suprised that an international organization like WTS does not have a list of professionals to address an issue they deem so important. The local honchos did not have and and have no knowledge of such a list.

    Saddly at this point I have to agree with Wobble "If the issue is a low blood count then there really isn't much any medical professional can do outside what would be the correct thing to do"

    Thansk for your comments

  • blondie


    I would also google noblood clinics near your area.

  • nelly136
  • diamondiiz

    I don't have an answer for you on blood alternative.... But you can try to reason with her that blood transfusion aren't forbid by the bible. Bible forbid eating it but if someone was hungry a transfusion would not keep them alive. At this point she's in a very sick state so I don't know if it's a good idea to make her question her believes but if she's getting worse I guess you don't have much to loose and I hope me saying this doesn't sound too cruel, and I apolagize if it does but you can ask her, is she willing to die for her religion even though her religion is not true faith and what if her religion is wrong and she dies in vain for believes taught by group of uneducated ordinary man. If you do decide to go that route maybe do some research before hand and point out that 607 is false date for the fall of Jerusalem and therefor 1914 is NOT true so Christ never returned invisibly and thus never selected watchtower as his organization thus making the leaders frauds. And is she willing to die for a dream where there may not be pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow as she believes.

    I do hope your wife gets better so you have a better chance to show her a way out of the cult under better circumstances.

  • GLTirebiter

    Alternator, I don't have much advice to offer you that hasn't already been said. You're in the position I have dreaded: having a loved one risk her life for the sake of Watchtower treachings. For my (now Ex) wife I probably would have made the same decision you did: allowing her, as an adult, to make a decision that I find reprehensible. But for our minor children, I could never allow their lives to be risked as a WT loyalty test.

    I hope you have consulted your own pastor for guidance on dealing with this. Since you have said that you are Catholic, consider articles 2280 and 2282 of the Catechism and how they relate to this situation: are you being pressured to cooperate with a suicide, a willful refusal to protect one's own life? That is why I mention getting advice from the clergy.

    I hope all goes well for your wife, despite the medical teachings of the Witch Doctor Society. Please let us know how things turn out.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Is there not a Hospital Liaison Committee in your area? Where I live it is a group of brothers usually Elders who do indeed have a list of physicians and surgeons who are willing to use bloodless techniques. Often a large teaching hospital will have a bloodless/ sparing program. The program is often ran by a JW nurse or collaborates care within the patients beliefs and appropriate physicians. If you Pm me I tell you about the one in my city, but it is probably about 12 hours away from you. Hope things turn around for your wife. NMKA

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