JW-Based Reality Show !!!

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  • RubaDub

    So as not to hijack the Paulapollos thread, I just couldn't help but think about the possibility of a JW-Based Reality Show.

    I have two initial ideas at this time but other ideas are welcome.

    1.) A "house" type of reality show. This would be like a bethel type of setting with a dozen or so brothers living in a common area and cameras on them all the time. It might be interesting if one spots another taking a shower and accuses him of masturbating in the shower. The one accused could then try to explain to the group that he was just cleaning himself really well or that he had a bad itch down there. The ones questioning him would ask why he was using the palm of his hand and not his fingers. Also, they would wonder why it took over 5 minutes to scratch himself. The two witness rule could be used if only one person saw him.

    2.) Maybe a "Survivor" type of show would be better. It could be JW-Survivor London, JW-Survivor Bahamas, or anyplace that has a Branch Office. They could start with two separate bodies of elders, living in separate parts of the Branch home. Then, each week, they could get together and vote to disfellowship one in the group. In the end, when there are only two left, they bring them all back and then decide which of the final two should be disfellowshipped. The winner gets to stand in front of the group and DA himself.

    Any other ideas ???

    Rub a Dub

  • AudeSapere
    The winner gets to stand in front of the group and DA himself.

    LOL~!! ala Little Toe


  • poopsiecakes

    Some version of Temptation Island would be a hoot.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    RubADub.....I think you got something there with the JW-Survivor show. That would be funnier than hell to watch a group of zealous JW's trump up disfellowshipping grounds against one another in order to win a TV Reality show. The whispering and backbiting in private would be like being at the KH.

  • VIII

    Hysterical. The first one is good. Though the shower scene is a little disturbing.

    (Cough, cough) Why would any guy be watching another guy taking a shower?

    Unless it's a prison?

    But, I do think you're on to something.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If it were a reality show, they could simply follow dubs in field service and people get eliminated for doing bad in "placements."

    They could get points for a tract, more points for mags., big-time points for placing on a return visit, etc. etc.

  • WTWizard

    They could have a Survivorman episode by bringing a "strong" Witless into a place inhabited by apostates. There would be Christmas music going, every sort of apostate literature, computers with screens displaying apostate web sites, and people that know all about the scams that the Washtowel pulls off. There would be no Kingdumb littera-trash of any kind (the Bible would simply be a King James version). They would not have each other to build up, nor would there be any boasting sessions or field circus of any kind. And, the computers could not be disabled or sent to the official washtowel site. I wonder if any "strong" witless would be able to survive 7 days of that.

    They could also have a Mantracker episode. You would have two apostates running from two witlesses. There would be established paths, along with "bush" (that is, areas that are heavily decorated with Christmas, churches, real music, and apostate material). The witlesses would have their 4-door cars, while the apostates would be able to go into a church or an area where Christmas lights are everywhere and Christmas music is loud and clear. (Not to mention places where a car cannot go.) It would be fun to watch the witlesses refuse to go through an area where Christmas decorations are everywhere or into a church to end the chase.

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