More time talking to each other or householders in the field: You decide......

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    dissed: "If there was no time reporting, would they even go out in service? I dare the GB to drop the slips.....double dare....the cowards would never do it"

    Henschel wanted to drop time reporting. Nixing the "Bible Study" report slip wa s his idea (as well and getting rid of one meeting, although he had TMS in mind, not BS. He also wanted two magazines a month (one of each). As you can guess he was not well liked by many of his peers at the GB. As for the tiem slips, accoding to my sources back then, he wanted an "anonymous" reporting system, only with hours and bible studies. That way congregations and WT would now how many publishers there were, how much work was being done while eliminating labels (irregular, inactive) and all the nuisances caused by time keeping. He thought reporting placed literature was very 'salesman' oriented and didn't like it. He always said (and I heard him once) that since we print them, we know how many are being distributed... why make people report 'sales'?

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    Henschel struck me as more down to earth. When he came to a District Convention I attened he spent time hanging out in the parking lot talking with people after the sessions, it was a gesture I hadn't seen in any of the other GB members. I think he and Max Larson didn't like the 'salesman' look door to door work took on.

    ok, now the flashbacks have started again

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    Not only more 'down to earth'. He really believed. He was as honest and sincere as you will ever see. His mantra was this is an organization based on love, and love thinks good of fellow christians, love believes all things, love does not second guess... he hated the permanent suspicion state within WT.

    Larson has always been more of an executive but really talented (unlike Knorr who came across as a businessman, but was just a micromanager with a bad temper). Had the key been Henschel-Larson instead of Knorr-Franz, the story would be different. But as usual the former were less inclined to do corporate politics, and the latter gained total control easily. I've Know Larson personally for a while and most people at Bethel will attest to the fact that even though he's in charge, he will never mistreat, be bossy or make you feel inadequate or undeserving.

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