More time talking to each other or householders in the field: You decide......

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    JW's be cooking the books like enron.

  • dissed

    WTWizzard - Very well said. I didn't think of the 3rd world countries like you said, but in the USA, you are exactly right.

    Chickpea - "yeah, their figure is about as accurate as the weight on my driver's license" - My wife loved that line. I asked her if I could see her drivers license. She grabbed her purse away from me. haha

    dozy - typical 3 hours?? - As an Elder, if we, our wives and children DIDN'T spend at least 3 hrs on Saturday we would be on the agenda at the next Elders meeting. not jk

    Winston.....- Fake time?? - I think you have a real good point there. We used to have several JW's work for us that would fill in their time cards by memory once a week. It got so bad we had to add a time punch clock to keep it accurate.(they were so upset, "You don't trust us!!??) Then we caught a pioneering MS punching in for others that were late. Where did they learn such dishonesty? Yup, you got it right!

    If there was no time reporting, would they even go out in service? I dare the GB to drop the slips.....double dare....the cowards would never do it

  • dissed

    sir82 - You are correct. There are lots of variables to consider and all of them work against the JW's counting more time.

  • donuthole

    One I time I went to a homebound woman's house for the ever popular phone witnessing. How it worked was, one person would make a call which took a maximum five minutes on a really good call, but typically much, much less, then the women would spend the next five to fifteen minutes chatting before another person would take a turn. When I questioned them about this practice they mentioned that if they were working regular house to house they would spend a similar amount of time talking/walking between doors. It made sense to them but not to me.

  • yknot

    ....tee he he....

    I am out in FS right now....well technically

    We are out a sister's house in the assigned territory mapping out garage sales for tomorrow instead....

    We will eventually venture out to the nearest office supply and print out CA notebooks and other kid-friendly distractions..

    Is it wrong to have JWN opened on one tab and theoshare and pbsa.jwmail on others at the same time....?????

    Tik Tok Tik Tok......

  • nugget

    The hours are a myth. All that time wasted in pointless activity. When you break the figures down like this you see just what a nonsense it is. As time has gone by it has become even less effective as the number of NH has gone up too.

  • JeffT

    Like Aussie Oz I spent most of my time in congregation with a lot of rural territory. The Pullman, WA congregation was responsible for all of Whitman county. Our territory covered 2000 square miles and had 40,000 inhabitants, 25000 of whom lived in Pullman itself. The town is a lot smaller than you'd think as about 2/3 of that number are college students living in dorms and apartments. Some of our rural territory STARTED 75 miles from the Kingdom Hall. So we'd all go on a RV in town to "start" our time before driving an hour or so to get to the territory. From there you could go all day and not talk to anybody.

    After I left I started noticing the people doing street work in downtown Seattle. There is always an older fellow with a rack of magazines in front of Macy's. He waves his magazines around, but I've never seen him talking to anybody. A couple of older sisters have the other side of the street staked out. They lean against the wall of a building, hold up the magazines and talk to each other.

    I don't think any of this is what Jesus had in mind when he said "go therefore and make disciples."

  • dissed

    Ynot - "Is it wrong to have JWN opened on one tab and theoshare and pbsa.jwmail on others at the same time....?????"

    Only if you caught

  • parakeet

    When I was a dub, here's how field service time was allocated --

    45 minutes to 1 hour door-to-door work. Of that time, perhaps, on a good day, a "discussion" lasting 5 minutes top might take place, and this didn't happen every time. Most interaction was on the lines of "Do you want these mags?" "OK" or "Not interested." Add to that only about a third of "householders" actually answered the door. So out of 1 hour's time, 5 minutes at most was spent in actually interaction and WTS doctrine.

    Then came the "break," lasting anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes. Doughnuts and coffee for everyone!

    The rest of the morning was spent driving around in rural areas to make "callbacks," during which one dub actually went to the door to drop off mags while the rest of us sat in the car chatting.

    In any given field service morning, each dub spent at most 10 minutes talking to the public. Of that 10 minutes, perhaps 5 minutes was spent in actually discussion about the WTS and the Bible.

    That's how it worked out nearly every time I went out in service.

  • yknot

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