Sex before marriage

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  • LouBelle
  • fokyc

    LouBelle: What was your point?

    I was going to say: "Definitely Try Before You Buy", you are buying a lifetime of expense.

    I paid 7 shillings and 6 pence to get married, I've been paying ever since!


  • Quillsky

    Is it such a bad thing? It's not EVEN a bad thing. It's a damn good thing.

    The reason biblical "morality", so to speak, evolved was to avoid having babies born (to mainly desert nomadic tribes) without a family structure in place to take care of them.

    Now that sex is more recreational than anything else we have to come up with a different definition of what is moral and what is not. So yes, use a condom until you are in a mutually monogamous relationship, and then DISCUSS BIRTH CONTROL AND BABIES with your partner once you're in a stable relationship.

    Don't get married for sex.

  • shopaholic

    should jolly well be part of getting to know each other properly before getting hitched for sure! It's only a sin if you believe it is

  • freeman

    I for one don’t think sex before marriage is a good idea.

    On your wedding day you already have a lot going on. Sex before marriage could overly complicate an already busy day, that’s why many couples wisely hold off until sometime after the ceremony that day.

    That is what you meant right?


  • LouBelle
  • PSacramento

    You do everthing else before you get married to make sure you are compatiable, why is sex any different?

  • dgp

    I fully agree with PSacramento. After reading post after post describing how marriages in the WTS never worked because the parties were not compatible, do we really need to ask this question?

  • LeeT

    Sex before marriage definitely a social boon in my books. I recently read a book about the mathematics of sex (no seriously). The chapter on mate selection made a good case for trying out (I think) 10 to 20 partners before setlling down.

    Also, I'm in my 40's and never married. I see nothing attractive or virtuous in being a 40 yr old virgin.

  • fluke

    I think the phrase "as long as noone gets hurt, it's ok..." it's a little misleading...

    If you are in a serious relationship and can foresee a future then have intemet relations and lots of exploring your partner is a natural bonding proccess...

    It is beautiful thing that should accur naturally, I usded to dread the day I got married, because it would be expected rather than anticepated... :)

    As it turns out, me and my partner are very natural... :D

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