JW's came to my door last week

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  • pr0ner

    It was two "sisters". One wasn't able to make it to my door as she had some health issues. The other one was a bit older and must have just been baptized. She was pressing me on why I wasn't in the org after I mentioned my parents were JW's. Her mistake. She was way over her head. I started explaining why I felt the DF policy was bogus. It was quite funny, as I was pointing out all the flip flopping and lack of biblical evidence the woman who couldn't make it to my door was just shaking her head as if to say, "just get out of there" to her friend.

    The best part was when she decided a good way to support ex communication was to use a local fiasco that went down with the baptists here in Charlotte. They had accepted homosexuals into their church...well the other Baptists didn't like that and cut off all funds to the church...so the church kicked the gays out. She then said, "just like them we as God's people have a right to kick others out". I quickly said, "no offense but that is the worst logic I have ever heard come out of a JW's mouth...a religion you claim is false does it, so that makes it OK for YOU to do it". She was a bit befuddled and quickly tried to end the conversation with a "we will agree to disagree"...to which I retorted, "you are going to my house and my neighbors to convince us your religion is the best, shouldn't you be able to properly defend your beliefs?"...to which she just said something a long the lines of someone's spirit needing to be right.

    Over all I went kind of easy on her I think she was just newly baptized or something. She also tried to probe me about who my parents were, which I told her was none of her business as she was asking in a very, "must warn everyone of the apostate" type way. I kept expecting two elders to show up Saturday but perhaps they felt it wouldn't be worth it.

  • carla

    Before the elders make their way to your house maybe you should put a sticker on your door 'No Jehovahs Witnesses Please', it looks like a no smoking sign. I think Wintess Inc. has them or try for the no tresspassing sign but they may not honor it. Or print out the cease & desist letter and have it ready for them and tell THEM to mail it to NY! Cease & Desist must be mailed every year, you can find it under my 'topics started' somewhere or use the search feature.

  • alanv

    That was a good point about the Baptists doing it so it's OK for JWs to do it. I would love to have conversations like that but because I have only faded it can't really happen or I would be disfellowshipped and never be able to talk to my witness son again (sigh)

  • pr0ner

    Carla...I really don't have a problem with them coming to my door..they should just know I will challenge them mentally.

  • Farkel

    :Before the elders make their way to your house maybe you should put a sticker on your door 'No Jehovahs Witnesses Please',

    I still like the idea of taking a piece of chalk and drawing a police-style outline of a body on your driveway. Then sprinkle a few Watchtower magazines around the outline.

    THAT should keep the elders away!


  • lisavegas420

    You need one of these.


  • pr0ner

    What I need is for people to not tell me what I need. JW or not :P

  • moshe

    After a JW gets upset with a householder and wants to make a retreat, that is when you surpise them! You go out the door and start walking with them and keep the expose' of the WT going- just a friendly a religious discussion. They will have to get in their car and leave the territory in order to stop the torment. Works everytime.

  • WTWizard

    Let's see what else the Baptists do that the witlesses don't and can't:

    (1) Celebrating Christmas and birthdays. If the Baptists do it, it must be acceptable for the witlesses.

    (2) Looking into other religions, at least to the extent of reading other religious tracts.

    (3) Disagreeing with some minor aspect of the religion, especially one that has just been added.

    (4) Associating with friends and family members that have left the religion on their own.

    (5) Sleeping in on a Saturday morning instead of going out in field circus.

    (6) Voting, saluting the flag, or other acts that are interpretated as patriotic.

    (7) Smoking without having to worry about the hounders. (No, I do not advise it, but the Baptists do not view smoking as wicked).

    (8) Listening to real music.

    (9) Possession of various items such as horoscopes, amulets, and talismen. True, the church might not encourage it, but they at least tolerate some forms of "spiritism" like astrology.

    (10) Going to college without having the hounders harassing and threatening them.

  • WingCommander

    "to which she just said something a long the lines of someone's spirit needing to be right. "

    ^^^^ At this point I would have told her that she is confusing spirituality with GULLABILITY; the two are NOT the same, no matter how much JW's confuse the two.

    This is usually when I start in with my analogy: If you were buying a new car, would it not be wise to research the car thoroughly? The brand's history, reliability, and the online reviews, both good and bad? Or, would you just run on down to the nearest dealer and take their word for everything??? When they agree that this is a wise couse of action, I then state that if this is a good course of action for something as simple as buying a new car, than why is being discouraged for something as important as your religous standing and salvation in front of God? After all, it was good enough to get the Boreans praised, but yet discouraged tooth & nail by your Governing Body?? This is most often met with complete stunned silence as they are left decheveled.

    - Wing Commander

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