Haiti - why?

by Gorbatchov 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • PSacramento

    Mad sweeney,

    I guess when Jesus said "the kingdom of God is withing you", he knew what he was talking about, ;)

    God does indeed work through us, I believe that 100%.

  • anewme

    Villabolo made an excellent point about earthquakes and deathtoll: they are directly related to the type of construction of the buildings.

  • mdavis

    I cant even imagine what they are going thru. to see loved ones die & then wonder how you'll make it to the next day! I can't turn on the news anymore when my kids are around, they are getting so upset, we aren't meant to see such things.

    I think global warming is an issue with all these natural disasters we have messed earth up so much with all the pollution, she is spitting it back at us.

    Gorbatchov :

    God is near to all those whom are broken at heart and going thru hard times. if he says that then surely he is just as upset or more so at all the things he sees. Its because Satan is ruling the world right now, trying to prove we don't need God. So God has to step back to show the truth. 1 John 3:8 promises he will undo all Satans works.

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