Time limit on CO, DO and special pioneers??

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    There is a thread on this board with links to relevant newspaper reports and Beth Hell info.


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    This isn't the first time (or the last that the WTBTS has changed its policies in order to contravene tax laws. In 1989, they filed amicus curiae (a friend of the court legal brief) in support of Swaggart's position in a court case involving the collection (and payment to the government) of sales tax on religious literature. In January of 1990 the court rules against Swaggart. One month after that the WTBTS came up with its "voluntary donation" basis for payment for magazines and books. BUT, the publisher is responsible to "voluntarily" donate the full sales price amount for the books and magazines if the "voluntary" donations don't cover it. Awwww the love.

    So, the WTBTS acted in concert with someone they claim to be a member of false religion and they purposely and actively opposed the law (so much for the book of Romans), and then came up with this mandatory voluntary donation scheme to circumvent the law.


    I would be interested in hearing from an active JW beleiver an explanation of this one.

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