Time limit on CO, DO and special pioneers??

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  • hamsterbait
  • hamsterbait

    Beth Hell volunteers now have a time limit of how long they can serve. Social security laws in NY.

    I wonder if other servants will be given time limits.

    EU law now demands provision of pensions for religious volunteers, such as DO CO and special pioneers.

    This is why the Witchtower pulled the plug on the Spain Beth Hell.

    Certainly many of these have ended up in dire need, despite Witchtower studies guilting congos into caring for the Society's discarded.


  • SirNose586

    Social security laws, eh? When did they come into effect, I wonder?

    I always thought it interesting that the message when I was much younger was, "You could serve for the rest of your life at Bethel." When I got older, that message never got played to the young people. Then it became, "Try it out," and "Serve for a year or two."

    But now it seems there's a law behind it. Any more details you can give us, hamsterbait?

  • yknot

    ......maybe that is the plan.....

    Regarding the COs/DOs

    It would be more efficient financially........as a transition for the COs/DOs

    I think that ole' rumor of CO-lite was a pretty good idea from a business perspective.

    It also keeps the openings competitive for company men and keeps a man from acquiring decades worth of stories, insight and documents that could prove damning to the WTS.

    As for Special Pios.....

    Hasn't that position more or less turned into the Bethel severance package......

  • Gayle

    Wow!! I wonder if the WTS is getting hit with a huge Social Security Tax bill. ???

    When I went to Bethel '69-'74, the WTS turned in Social Security tax each year and I have almost $1000 showing "Earnings" on my Social Security statement for each of those years. This was based on room and board, tokens and clothing allowance value. However, they stopped doing that, not sure what year? So now with Brooklyn Bethel downsizing and laying off many Bethelites who may have never paid into "Social Security" or not much and now needing $$$ assistance now in their older years or for some disability. Now the government may be checking where, if any, these people have paid into it. Has the government (social security) gone to the WTS and investigated?

    This could be a big amount.

  • hamsterbait

    Sir Nose - The WTBTS tried to fight the Social Security legislation in Spain.

    They fought against providing for lifelong vlounteers right up to the High Court and LOST.

    The brother in charge of the case is now a mere receptionist (demoted) and they immediately removed their operations from Spain.

    They didnt move all their operations out of France just because they refuse to obey Romans 13 and pay taxes.


  • yknot

    Does anyone know if the taxation is retrodated to 2007 or only starting from Toti losing the appeal in Spain....

    Toti was demoted to ......the Service Department (those who were trained-up to pursue the WTS legal department or are lurking from a WTS legal department.... shivered with disgust at the thought as it is similar to cleaning toilets with a toothbrush)

    (note SS taxing is only in Spain at this time but I am sure it will spread or cause worldwide change to retain religious exemptions)

  • WTWizard

    Not paying into Social Security? Where is the CID department of the IRS when you really need it, if for no other reason than to shut down the scam "religion"?

  • teel
    They fought against providing for lifelong vlounteers right up to the High Court and LOST.

    How very christian of them... fighting against providing for the old. Not merely passively not helping, but actually fighting. Incredible.

  • Cadellin

    Where could I go to find more about the WT fight against the Spain law re pensions and their ensuing loss? I mean, if I needed evidence to show someone about this? Thanks!

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