WTBS taking care of older ones?

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  • diamondiiz

    They must not be excersising enough faith in the lord, they should pray more and build their faith and their needs will be taken care of.

    On a serious note, there is a retirement complex called Jah-Jireh Charity Homes which is run for jws and I'm sure it has wts blessing but I doubt it gets anything from the society in financial assistance. Here's the link:


    Here is their mission statement:

    The objects of the charity are:
    • The provision of care facilities for elderly Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing who have need of
    such facilities by reason oftheir age, infirmity or economic circumstances;
    • The advancement of Christian religion as practised by Jehovah's Witnesses; and
    • The relieving of Jehovah's Witnesses in hardship and/or distress.

    I think it's in UK.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    There is a jah-jireh in Canada somewhere in Southern Ontario.

    If you are close you can try and tap in to it for some releif, however they are fairly restrictive as to who they will help.

    The WTS in general accepts absolutey zero responsibility for the massive legacy of poverty and hardships that their false prophecies regarding Armageddon have caused thousands upon thousands of innocent and trusting people.

    It is quite an ugly situation. Hopefully there is something to this Karma thing I have heard about. If it's true the JW world is in for a whole load of hurt at some point. And all those who have suffered may have something extra nice to look forward to in their future.

    Peace to all,

    The Oracle

  • freewilly01

    Nice.............. its all about how wicked, and unchristian, worldy governments are who are the antichrist but they are the first thing that Older ones are supposed to run to like mother when they require any kind of material assistance.

    Years and years of service to the BorgOrg, sometimes feeling obligated to pay for magazines and books when they can barley afford food. Hours and hours standing on the corner with absolutely no pay back ever..............seems the older ones that I know where neglected often.

    I understand that only the elite Borg are looked after during those hard years I guess very fortunate in comparison to just the lowly sheep.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your relative is in her 60's and pioneering. Tell her straight up: "We will not be able to care for you with no income whatsoever. You must quit pioneering and get a job at a fast food chain or something. No negotiating this."

    If she refuses, tell her to ask Jehovah and His people to support her.

  • jamiebowers

    In the U.S., your m-i-l is eligible for half of her husband's retiremen and half the vlue of their home. Between that and a part time job, she should be able to make it on her own. Look into senior housing. More and more are springing up for the baby boomers.

  • WTWizard

    I have never heard of the witlesses taking care of their own. I have seen several elderly people in the congregation I used to go to, and they were in rather poor health (which was expected, given their ages). No one has donated anything to help them. These were people that had given their whole lives to the religion, were almost never missing boasting sessions, and were frequently answering the calls to auxiliary pio-sneer during their drives. Yet, they were expected to donate to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund instead of accepting help.

    And, when the congregation does help anyone (never the organization), is is almost always to indebt the person. I have seen them unload crap that has reached the end of its life on me during a move, and then gloat about how "generous" they were. What they really wanted was for me to be loyal to their directive to just meet other men, and to continue moving toward the Value Destroyer Training School and were using these "gifts" to try and indebt me to that end. They might also do that on an occasional basis, but usually to those who they feel they can eventually use up. They almost never give anything to those who have already been used up and thrown away.

    Examples of the crap I got: Numerous suits, most of them either so ugly that no "sister" would be caught dead with me in them or that had big holes in the pockets. A coat rack that was literally falling apart, and defied two serious attempts on my part to fix. Furniture that was almost absolutely unusable. And other items that were blatantly unsuitable or at the end of their life--a good way to clear the trash from their own homes while making themselves look generous at the same time. And give me a sense of indebtedness in the future. And no, I did not have any real need beyond help in getting my stuff moved about 5 miles.

  • blondie

    What I saw were elders being told by others that older ones needed help.

    The elders would hand it off to the MS who would find sisters to do the actual work.

    Taking to meetings

    Taking to doctor

    Taking shopping

    Doing laundry

    Cleaning house

    Then ask baptized but with no privileges brothers to do work on car and repairs on house

    If any elders came by it was to read a few scriptures say a quick prayer and then off to be back in another six months.

  • freddo

    I have to say that our congregation does take care of older/sick ones - it is one of things that makes being in it bearable. The WTS itself? Worse than useless!

    But here's a true story from when I was reaching the end of my eldership. We had (thankfully moved on now) an uber pioneer who was mega keen in the circuit and she would pal up with the CO's wife (who was a ministry nut) on a Monday afternoon once a month to go on the ministry outside of the CO's visit so that the CO's wife could have her "own" calls in the city that she could follow up.

    Anyway, they used to meet at an old disabled sister's house who was in our territory and this sister had no sense of smell plus a smelly dog and a house that still stank of her dead husband's smoking habit from months previously before he died. So the CO's wife says to our uber pioneer that the place is "not suitable" for a meeting for field service and the uber pioneer relays this to me and says we (our congregation) should get a group together and clean the house.

    I tell her that I am in no way going to upset this sister so soon after her hubby's death to tell her her house smells etc. So uber pioneer says that it's not suitable to meet in because the CO's wife says so. I'm in the parking lot and say loudly "if sister (CO's wife) has got so much time on her hands then why don't you and her offer to clean it instead of making a fuss about nothing?"

    Anyway this gets reported back to the CO who phones our then PO (a long term heavy with bethel connections) to express his disapproval at me and that the elders should do something about it. In fairness to the PO he backed me up and said this wasn't the right time to broach the subject with the sister being newly a widow and all. The CO tells the PO that I need counselling but the PO again stood up for me and said to the CO that under the guidelines of Matt 18 then he (the CO) would have to approach me directly! He never did, but would never look me in the eye.

    Funnily enough our PO who was "always" on the circuit assembly platform didn't get another assignment while that CO was in town!

  • chickpea

    wasted lives and lost fortunes aside,
    i wonder how impacted the elderly are
    by the elimination of the less formal,
    more friendly "book study"...

    how does a widow engage in
    "family worship evening" TM if
    co-mingling of households is
    openly criticized?

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