Should I believe in the Trinity?!

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    As a Jew would? Which Jewish group would I look to for that? The Jews didn't understand the nature of God [same as today for us all], however there are still truths that shine forward and cannot be contidicted. Sure, they argued about what exactly did God mean when he reveals himself as we.

    Truth- There are 2 words for one in Hebrew. There is 'yachid' meaning only one, something that is solitary.

    Then there is the word 'echad' which usaully suggests a synergy of more than one. For example 'day and night became one day', husband and wife became one flesh'.

    It is the word echad which discribes Jehovah God without exception. Even 'we made man in our image, according to our likeness'. The tower of babel the Lord says 'let us go down' yet no one else goes down with him.

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    I didn't think you's that rash

    Frickin stupid little Sunday School 101 question and the brain washed Fundamentalists can't cough it up.....jeeez


    No need to be rude is there? I have spoken with a many Jew regarding Christianity, however, I don't look to Jews for my Christianity. Jews do not accept the NT. I do. Why would I look to Jews for Christian answers? I might as well as Muslim. Also, I am not a fundamentalist, I'm a Christian. Your diversionary tactics undermine youir own beleifs [if you're a JW]. What JW looks to what a modern Rabbi would say to define their faith. What JW is even permitted to 'study' with a Jewish rabbi?

    How is reading and believing in scripture being brainwashed anyway? Perhaps you're projecting something that you are feeling.

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    Like a famous Presbyterian theologian said 'there's still to much Jewishness in our theology'.

    Oh Lordy..............

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    I was just sitting here thinking how ridiculous it is to think you have to believe something about an invisible character.

    Are we in the invisible character ward of the local mental hospital?

    My invisible character wears funny hats. You can't join my club unless you acknowledge that.

    Looney, huh?


    Thank you TT, it's all so clear now.... but what does that comment mean?!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I remember growing up in the Baptist faith reading the Bible and always thinking that God and Jesus were separate. Then started hearing preachers talking about this Trinity concept and thinking.............WTF!!!

    Think About It

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    Uncle Jeff, Moshe, Rob....would someone care to give TT a simple 101 synopsis of Jewish Belief on God.

    I need to assume the Lotus position and get my Karma back together

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    Designs The Jews, who wrote the Book in question, would disagree

    That is not the opinion of many Jewish scholars. If you look into the matter, the Trinity is within the Hebrew text, even back in Genesis 1.

    Have a read of these books for example. The Jewish Trinity (9781593300685): Yoel Natan: Books

    The Jewish Trinity Sourcebook: Trinitarian Readings...



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    Stephen, you just need to take a Judaism course at a local Temple or read a source book. Revisionisms are out there as are the phobias and superstitions that go with them. Catholicism with its prayer of 'the perfidy of the Jews' and Luther and Calvin's Anti Semitism. The lack of honesty among certain sectors of Christianity is appalling. When TT and you and other Fundamentalists can't even state what a Jew believes but have to resort to some revisionistic source it shows how complete your religion has trapped you, and we know about traps..

    A person should be able with a little study to state what the basic teachings of a group are.

    A Hindu believes X

    A Buddhist believes X

    A JW believes X

    A Jew believes X

    Shalom aleichem

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