Has anyone ever felt they were possessed by a demon?

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  • HintOfLime

    My mom claims to have been posessed by one for several seconds while using a Ouaji board with her teenage friends. She "saw a shadow move across the room, enter her, and could feel it's evil."

    But it had nothing to do with the fact they were also experimenting with drugs that night and trying to freak eachother out. She 'had not taken that much yet'.

    - Lime

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Does Rum count?

  • dissed

    Crapola -

    I find the part of your story about them forming a circle and laying their hands on her hard to believe, that is so out of character of what JW'S believe.

    That's what the Elders told us when me and a friend reported it to them.

    We came into the room just as they were finishing their ritual and querried them about what they were doing. (was my friends house) There were 7-8 of them, ALL pioneers except for the sick one, being lead by a 23 year old bro who claimed to be of the annointed. The Elders said we had to be mistaken and so we asked them to call the annointed bro. They did, got confrimation from him, then asked us to leave.

    By the way, that annointed bro became a known TV personality. But I ain't telling who he is. lol

  • dissed


    Is that why they call it 'demon Rum?'

  • dissed

    leec -

    Not EVEN the Easter Bunny?!

  • dissed

    So far......

    Past possessed

    Lepra...should have known with name like that



    Wishes he was possessed


    Claims JW mom was possessed (but what JW mom is not?)


    Not sure if he was possessed

    Open Mind

    Doesn't believe in anything but still buys lottery tickets faithfully


    Finds it intrigueing


    Has famous demon friends


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I used to enjoy joking about the "secret" JW exorcism rituals. I still do.

    Isn't it odd that a religion so strngly vested into belief in active occult "demon' forces offers no "sanctioned" way of dispatching demons?

    Reading WT publications, you might conclude that a JW exorcism consisted of saying "Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah" while you pissed your pants.

    At least the Roman Catholic Church has a sense of the theatrical: robes, crucifixes, holy water, chants, incense, cigarettes...

  • Snoozy

    No, when someone tells me they believe it I move away from them.

    Althought hubby and I both saw two shadowy figures holding hands moving in the same direction in the hall of the house that my mom and dad lived in and eventually died. can't explain that.
    One night I commented something about it to hubby jokingly and he just stared at me and said he had seen the same thing but was afraid to say anything..(He was still a witness). If he hadn't have said that I would have thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I am not a believer in ghosts etc.

    Do you have the erge to move away from me?

    I learned later that there was a name for those shadows, they are called shadow people..Yep!



  • leec

    some 23 y.o. punk, all full of himself, claims to be annointed and leads everyone in ring-around-the rosie? Wtf is this?

    How does this annointed junk work anyway? Does someone tell you that, congrats, you're annointed, or do wake up one morning after eating a spicy burrito and recall a dream where you were obviously informed that you are annointed, and then you go and let everyone else know?

  • hecouldbewrong

    I knew of a sister who threw her baby off a balcony, believing it was possessed. Later, she was trouble by visions, and scooped out her own eyes. Curiously, the sister didn't only have trouble with demons, but also with mental health.

    After becoming blind, she pioneered. A new circuit overseer to the area came around and was so impressed with her, ahem, blind devotion, that he mentioned submitting her story to the society to print as a good example. Some elders made him aware of the circumstances that led to her state, and the idea, ahem, dissappeared from sight.

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