Do you know all of the Watchtower's failed predictions? I doubt it.

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  • Walkin

    Check out the book "Captives of a Concept" by Don Cameron. Look him up in the members section on top of this site. It will help you to use the very scriptures they use and give them something to think about.

    Two excellant questions posed in this book are: What is the most important scripture in watchtower theology and what is the most important date in watchtower history? Let them answer, most don't know the answer to these two very important questions.


  • Mythbuster

    Thanks Walkin.

  • Walkin

    Mythbuster, The most important scripture is Matthew 45: the slave

    The most is important date is: 1919 appointment to be the slave.

    Those who study watchtower history can see that they have failed the test that they say Jesus examined them for to appoint them.


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