I Am Not Kool-Aid Man. Also in this issue: I Am Not Affiliated With Kool-Aid Man.

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  • goldensky

    Jadeen, I'm jealous of your avatar.

  • minimus

    For the record, I'm not irritated.

    If a poster or reader of a post sees "Kool-Aid Man", he might automatically think of Rick Fearon. If the same poster called himself Simon Green, I doubt it would be appreciated by the real Simon Green. That's all.

  • sd-7

    Well, thanks for defending me, goldensky, jamiebowers. I was careful to say 'Kool Aid Man II' in any of my posts, and not 'Kool-Aid Man' to draw a clear distinction. (People who see a Roman numeral 'II' would generally first think, 'Oh, so there's another 'Kool-Aid Man' out there, whoever he may be--hence the 'II'.') I did do an entire post on this very subject, but again, it was not considered as part of the context obviously. But I'm dropping that act, of course, and getting on with life. I've got more interesting things to do and I certainly regret the confusion. At least those who got the joke were amused, but since it got too weird for some, I backed away from it. Wouldn't want to uh, 'stumble' anyone.


  • Gregor

    I kind of miss my old avatar....

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