JW Apologists,Where Have They All Gone?

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  • jookbeard

    sd7; quit the Devils Advocate please your getting me confused

  • slimboyfat

    Solomon Landers and Hal Flemings are still writing apologetic material, online and books:



    There are others around too, although I haven't looked them up for a while.

    There have never been very good Witness apologists on this site though, as far as I recall.

  • sd-7

    Oh. My mistake. I would've thought that anyone who has ever spent even an hour of his life knocking on doors to give out literature would begrudge me a dual identity. Devil's Advocate? Nah. Although, story I heard was that one woman said that demons told her the JWs knew the truth about them. She studied and was baptized. Weird? Maybe. In hindsight I've always wondered what it all meant. Was she schizophrenic? Was the voice in her head just lying to her? Food for thought...


  • JeffT

    Kool Aid Man II's Awake education is showing. He should start by looking up the word "apologist" so he'd know what he's talking about.

    I sort of liked having some of those people around. They confirmed that I'd made the right decision when I left.

  • sd-7

    Kool Aid Man II's Awake education is showing. He should start by looking up the word "apologist" so he'd know what he's talking about.

    I keep telling him that. He just puts his fingers in his ears and keeps shouting "LA LA LA LA LA LA -- APOSTATE!! LA LA LA LA LA!!" so it's hard to get through to him about it...


  • wobble

    Dear SD7,

    The term Apologist comes from the Greek word Apologia , and means " a speaking in defence. "

    Hence ,JW Apologists defend the beliefs of the WT, or at least attempt to.

    It is fun for us to see the crazy assertions, un-scriptural arguments, illogical examples and downright ignorance displayed by most who have come on here, it is educational and instructive for Lurkers and Newbies too.

    What was most evident to me ,when I was new here,was that eventually these apologists ,almost to a man, resorted to dishonesty,either by side-stepping a question,or if pressed simply not answering it. if anybody wants examples just look up any of Reniaa's posts.

    Having said that, a lot of us on here have been JW apologists in the sense you mention, we have been honest and humble enough to say we were foolish and often unkind etc, when we were JW's. We have apologised for being JW's.

    Are you for real SD7, or just playing Devils Advocate ?



  • Butterflyleia85


    2 Timothy 4:3, 4 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. ; Proverbs 12:17 A truthful witness gives honest testimony, but a false witness tells lies.

    Still learning myself and just now came to page 17 on Crisis of Conscience. Yes I feel we all start of Apologists for JW... I'm still going to strive to remain humble and not get all bitter and angry but as I found more information with valid sources it defiantly hurts.

  • jookbeard

    koolaid-man and kool aid man seem like normal ex Dubs like the rest of us, which one are you mimicking Sd7?

  • sd-7

    For one, I, SD-7, know what 'apologist' means. Actually, Kool-Aid Man II (which is a self-proclaimed title, by the way, not with the intent of poking fun at the true Kool-Aid Man, who I think has had some pretty insightful posts, by the way) is an example of what being an apologist is all about. If I didn't know what it meant, why the heck would I try to post here? That'd be pretty dumb.

    I just thought the name Kool-Aid Man was really cool and figured, what if it ultimately became twisted into somebody who drinks the WT Kool-Aid and genuinely is a true believer? How far would they take it? Since the name was already taken, I had to be Kool-Aid Man the Second, sort of a pseudo-successor to Kool-Aid Man who refuses to believe his predecessor could doubt the WT. In short, it was a ridiculous role-play.

    Read my, SD-7's, other posts! You'll see clearly that I'm not a believer in the JW religion. I'm just a guy trapped in it by my own insane/foolish choices, trying to keep watch on the watchmen and remind myself of reality by coming here. Kool-Aid Man II is just a false alternate personality I made up for the sake of exorcising the WT doctrine I get pounded with every week, nearly every day of my life.

    Sorry for confusing people. I also need practice because I'm still on the inside. I need to keep speaking the language, if you will, in order to maintain their trust. Does that clear it up? I hope so. Take care.

    SD-7 (NOT Kool-Aid Man II. NOT. He's not real.)

  • PSacramento
    I believe many are hanging out on Topix........where they can name call, change or evade the subject and use circular or straw agruments while surrounded by like-minded studies, DFd but believing or otherwise non participating JW who really don't care a wit about facts.

    I was on Topix for a bit but it wasn't for me, lots of rude name calling and it seems that people there aren't well...how can I put it...they tend to be very zealous to say the least.

    I am not sure if it is how the forum is set up but it seems that people either don't see or the ignore posts that show them to be, we'll, wrong.

    Too much noise in that place.

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