So, how much $$ would you anonymously pledge?

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  • yknot

    hmmmm we didn't have such ltr read yet.....but we did have a proposition to continue donating the full amount of our loan and than donating half the amount to the WTS....... around that time.

    My congregation is very 'paternal' and I don't think I know of a single JW woman solicited for donations in such a direct manner......

    Personally I believe my presence at the hall is donation enough!!! Believe me not many congregations are pulling 120+ persons on Sundays and 80 or better CBS/TMS/SM

  • dig692

    same as I do now...NOTHING!

  • BizzyBee
    What happens when they recognize your handwriting or put your name on it after you hand it to them?

    Wear rubber gloves (to obscure fingerprints), cut words and letters out of magazines (a la ransom notes), deliver to KH mail slot in the dark of night.

    Praise Jah!

  • Scully

    This kind of thing isn't new. Back in the mid 80s, when our KH was about to undertake a major renovation, they asked for anonymous pledges to make sure the expenses would be covered. Of course, on paper everything added up. Except that it was well known that about 50% of the people making pledges either had plans to high-tail it the hell out of Dodge within 6 months and would never have to make good on their pledges, leaving the burden with the people who stayed and who didn't pledge to cover the amount that the deserters promised.

  • WTWizard

    The last time I was handed one of those pledge forms (for a new Kingdumb Hell we did not need), I "forgot" it at home. When I went to the next boasting session without the slip, they shoved another one in my face and expected me to fill in a big fat number in front of them. I can tell their intention was to strictly enforce that pledge, trying to get around $100 or more a week out of me so they could ease the burden on everyone else. Of course, I simply told them that I could not fill out the pledge form with the hounders watching (or it would not count).

    The second slip simply found its way into the garbage, and I skipped the next boasting session.

    If you want someone to blow off a boasting session, a good way would be to shove one of those pledge forms into their faces. And, if they shove a form like that in your face, I suggest not only not filling it out (except with a big fat zero), but skipping about a month's worth of boasting sessions so they cannot find you to hound you to sign away all your money.

  • DaCheech

    i agree with the poster that said "it is between me and jehovah" tell 'em that and stick to your guns

  • DaCheech

    one of our congr. members lost a nephew (non-jw) in the 9-11 attack. a hounder sister that was good buddy with this one went around asking for donations.

    I flat out refused (onm a side note, i have a chip on my shoulder because i was severely flooded a couple of times and no-one helped me), weeks later it was rumored that hounder sister was "talked" to by the elders and this collection stopped!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    This sure does smell like a step in the tithing direction! Take that quote from Russell about not begging for money and turn that in!

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