So, how much $$ would you anonymously pledge?

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    A letter dated December 7, 2009 to All Congregations (not sure if it was just the US Branch or not) said that the elders should ask the publishers to submit slips of paper anonymously with an amount they would be willing to contribute each month towards either:

    A: Repaying the outstanding, local, Kingdom Hall loan, or

    B: If there is no local loan, contributing to the Kingdom Hall Construction fund.

    Once they have done this, the process should be repeated in May of each year.

    (What's so special about the month of May, I wonder?)

    Anyway, FYI, I've stopped all contributions, but was toying with the idea of putting down a dollar amount anyway.

    For those still attending, what are you going to do?

    All suggestions, smart-ass or otherwise, welcome.


  • littlebird

    In the words of Austin Powers, "One million dollars."

    Seriously, I would write, "This is a private matter between me & Jehovah."

  • beksbks


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Three very tempting suggestions.

    Thanks littlebird & beks!

    My wife's initial response was "ZERO!!"

    Pros: It's honest. It sends the message that someone in the Cong has a bad attitude.

    Cons: It's honest. It sends the message that someone in the Cong has a bad attitude.

    How about $5?

    It sends the message that times are tough, and it's not giving them the impression that they should be expecting boat loads of money.

    How about $150?

    It's a pretty big chunk of change, but not completely unbelievable. Suppose a dozen slips with amounts between $100 and $150 were submitted? Then the elders go telling the Borg that the Congregation will be sending in at least $1500 more a month than they possibly can do. A few months go by and the Borg sends a letter asking where all the promised money is. Local needs talks begging for more money ensue. Maybe someone wakes up.


    Right now I'm torn between "One Million Dollars" and .2 (with no units).


  • Opus92

    144,000... cents.

  • BizzyBee

    Anonymous slips of paper? What an opportunity!

    "All of my charitable dollars are currently committed to the efforts to save lives in Haiti."

  • beksbks

    I seem to remember a real source of pride being how different the dubs were because there was no tithing. What happened??

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    How many still-in-for-family posters do you think we have on here?

    The more I think about it, if every still-in poster could over-inflate their Congregation's projection by $2,000, multiply that by 100 posters, that's $200,000PER MONTH that the Borg would be expecting to see, but won't.

    Make sure you use different ink, different hand writing and most importantly, make sure it's really anonymous. If you're expected to hand your slips in person back to your Service Group Overbeer, forget it.

    Having said all this, I wonder if this would be

    1. illegal and

    2. violating Simon's Posting Guidelines?



  • cameo-d

    What happens when they recognize your handwriting or put your name on it after you hand it to them? Later they may try to guilt you that you have made a "covenant" promise. If you don't pay up...I imagine they will devise some sort to hell to pay in the way of rumor, family estrangement, or losing priveliges.

    Open Mind: (What's so special about the month of May, I wonder?)

    Occult rituals. May 1 Beltane. Fertility rites which include "blooding" the earth with sacrifice to ensure fertility. Then, there is the Maypole dance...oh, and the "birthday" of the Illuminati.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    cameo-d: Our posts probably crossed without you seeing the hand-writing disclaimer.


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