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  • sd-7

    Can someone please post an article or three about "the sacred secret"? I'm studying this topic with my wife for Family Worship and I need to refresh my memory on WT doctrine in this regard.

    (I know it's basically like this: "seed" foretold at Gen. 3:15-->Abraham-->Isaac-->Jacob-->David-->Christ-->144,000-->"things on the earth" or "other sheep". That's the "administration" according to Ephesians chapter 1. But obviously I can't just say that or wifey will get mad and think I didn't prepare and continue to doubt my capacity for headship and all that.)

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


  • cameo-d

    First, you should really understand what the word "sacred" means.

    This goes back to the Talmudic vow formula. A formula is a stylized ritual.

    The term 'gonam' at the beginning of the vow referred to a sacred object on which the vow was taken. Usually there followed a curse which the person making the vow imposed on himself. In other words, he made a pledge on a sacred object that if he broke his vow he was in agreement with being cursed. (1)

    Sacred means bound by curse or oath and it is established by the oath.

    "It was by an oath that the vassal expressed his incorporation within the sphere of the lord's jurisdiction. This oath invoked the covenant (contract) sanctions, more precisely, the curse, so that the curse became a synonym for an oath. This oath-curse was customarily dramatized in symbolic rites and the ritual actions portraying the doom that was verbally specified in the self-maledictory oath." www. apuritansmind.com/Baptism/KlineMeredithOathOrdealPart1.htm

    The oath-curse was synonymous with the covenant (contract) as evidenced at Deut 29:11, and the substitution rites symbolizing the oath-curse coalesced with the rites which ratified the covenant. (Often an animal was slayed in the ceremony of covenant ratification, thus the terminology of "cutting a covenant" or "cutting a curse".) A horrorifying dismembering ritual of a human body can be found in Judges 20:6.

    (1) G.B. Buchanan: Interpretation to Talmudic vow-formula (Mt. 15:5) found at www. jstor.org/pss/1508471

  • cameo-d

    sd-7 "(I know it's basically like this: "seed" foretold at Gen. 3:15-->Abraham-->"

    If you take a look at Genesis 15:10, you will see the example of dismemberment of animal sacrifices per the covenant rituals.

    Also, the requirement of circumcision which started with Abraham was the act of ratifying an oath of allegiance.

    (Like a "blood oath" because it drew blood and because it dealt with the reproductive organs, he pledged his progeny to the same oath-curse.)

  • sd-7

    Cameo-d--I appreciate the information, but I'm really looking for Watchtower articles on this subject. Really.

    --Today is Lightday, Logos 24th, 1977 J.Y.R.


  • RubaDub

    I think the Sacred Secret finds its modern day fulfillment as the new, members only, Secret Watchtower.

    Rub a Dub

  • jookbeard

    sd7 ; WT articles on this subject will be filled with lies, half truths, distortion and failures, best use the fine search button on this forum to find a better,closer meaning

  • cameo-d

    sd-7: "

    Cameo-d--I appreciate the information, but I'm really looking for Watchtower articles on this subject. Really. "


    As long as you are content to sit in a big pile of vomit and pick through it to examine it's contents, you will never be receptive to new information that could free you from the disease. So be it.

  • sd-7

    No doubt, like Esau, some do not appreciate sacred things. They choose to be unappreciative of the bounteous spiritual feast Jehovah has provided through the "faithful and discreet slave". (Matt. 24:45-47) As a result, they end up reverting back to the false teachings of apostate Christendom. What a sad result!

    For those who humbly seek righteousness, however, the Watchtower has faithfully provided timely spiritual food in these last days. Detailed explanation of the 'sacred secret' as found in Bible-based publications would surely strengthen the faith of many, and serve to deepen our appreciation for Jehovah and his grand purposes.

    That being said, does anyone actually have any Watchtower articles they'd like to post on this subject?

    Kool-Aid Man II

  • yknot

    *** w07 12/1 pp. 23-24 Jehovah’s Sovereignty and the Kingdom of God ***

    “The Sacred Secret” Progressively Revealed

    11 As time went on, Jehovah progressively made known aspects of “the sacred secret of the kingdom of God.” (Mark 4:11) Among those to whom Jehovah did so was the man Abraham, who was called “Jehovah’s friend.” (James 2:23) Jehovah promised Abraham that He would “make a great nation” out of him. Later, God further made known to Abraham: “Kings will come out of you,” and “by means of your seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves.”—Genesis 12:2, 3; 17:6; 22:17, 18.

    12 By Abraham’s time, there had already been human attempts at rulership and domination. For example, concerning Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, the Bible says: “He made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth. He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.” (Genesis 10:8, 9) Clearly, Nimrod and other self-appointed rulers were puppets in Satan’s hands. They and their supporters became part of Satan’s seed.—1 John 5:19.

    13 In spite of Satan’s efforts to produce human rulers, Jehovah’s purpose moves forward. Through Abraham’s grandson Jacob, Jehovah revealed: “The scepter will not turn aside from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to him the obedience of the peoples will belong.” (Genesis 49:10) The term “Shiloh” means “He Whose It Is; He to Whom It Belongs.” Thus, these prophetic words indicated that there would come one who had the legal right to receive “the scepter,” or sovereignty, and “the commander’s staff,” or rulership, over “the peoples,” or all mankind. Who would this One be?

    ......ummmm why not just download Fokyc's upload of the WTCD 2009 http://www.box.net/shared/fxbj02mr0x

  • fokyc

    Yknot said, "......ummmm why not just download Fokyc's upload of the WTCD 2009"

    What a good idea, I just looked for articles on the "sacred secret" to post, there is just SO much,

    You need the CD-ROM here:



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