Thermostat "wars"...stories from post-Borg life continue :)

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  • Quandry

    Perhaps you could go to Victoria's secret and buy her a fluffy robe with matching slippers. She could keep them by the bed, so that when she gets up she just grabs for them quickly, thus staying warm in the bathroom, or anywhere else.


    55 F at bedtime..

    65 F for daily living..

    67 F and the Penguins put on the Speedo`s..

    It`s embarassing..


  • SnakesInTheTower


    Perhaps you could go to Victoria's secret and buy her a fluffy robe with matching slippers

    For Christmas I got her a flannel nightgown and slippers that she had been eyeing in my Land's End Catalog. She was wearing the nightgown in bed......the new slippers were with all of the other shoes lined up by the living room door. I got something else she wanted from VS. .

    LOL at outlaw... I got my ass chewed out yesterday afternoon by my fiancee because the 8YO penguin wouldn't put on his coat when he got out of class when I picked him up... I was told it was 40F and he needed a winter coat.... I had a coat on but a light one...the 8YO said he was hot...I took him at his word...let him keep the coat off. He had a shirt on, he was fine. Not so much according to my heat-resistant bride. Under 50 winter coat..... I thought it was warmer than 40.

    After my lovely bride to be and I went to bed, I got back up to check the thermostat (now programmed for 68 between 2pm and 9am...60 between 9am and 2pm when she is not here)..... and i also checked the National Weather Service web said it was 51F at the time I picked up the wonder he said he was hot with the coat....

    ... I turned off the computer, gave the cat a final pat......slipped back under the covers...snuggled up to my beautiful gal...and asked her what she thought the temp had benn...she said 40........ told her 51.....she called me an ass.....and started trying to wrestle me. ...the night ended with us laughing and falling asleep....yes...just laughing and falling asleep...she had to work this time or energy for anything else. lol

    Snakes (Rich )

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