strange experience by a Br. from the GB at assembly

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  • VM44

    Anything can be promoted or "proved" by using "experiences" or "testimonials." Using them is basic to the promulgation of propaganda!

  • nugget

    Were they living in a small hovel? Quite frankly if I sold my house I would expect to get more for it thsn the cost of air fare and hotel in Germany and my house is hardly a palace. I think that the sale of the house is a red herring but presented in the usual WT way. Also if these people really sold the house and it barely covered the cost of the trip to the assembly what happened after?

    And whilst I am in full rant mode, if selling houses to get to assemblies is such a good thing why doesn't society sell some of it's property to help other brothers in Russia attend German assemblies, then they wouldn't be homeless.

  • isaacaustin

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  • WTWizard

    They do this so they can guilt people into attending all three days of the Grand Boasting Session. It would be stupid to sell one's house just to attend one of those things, because where are they going back to after? And, would everyone be expected to also sell out and pio-sneer or sell out just to make a boasting session?

  • Farkel

    This reminds me of the KM article which praised the brothers in the 1960's for selling their homes and serving where the need is greater in anticipation of 1975.

    Two things happened for them: they lost their homes and they lost their Paradise Earth.

    Three things happened for their Spiritual Masters: they got the sweat, money and free labor of the ones who sacrificed all for them, they got to keep their power and most importantly, they didn't give a shit.

    Nothing has changed.


  • thetrueone

    These embellished stories are always constructed to make the rest of the flock guilty for not doing enough

    work in service. This is how the publishing company (WTS.) has mentally mind tricked to get people to push

    their literature to the public, which essentially creates financial support and expands the Kingdom of power

    and control. Manipulation and exploitation is great part of the workings of the WTS. Corporation.

    Its interesting is it not that this organization bases itself off book of embellished stories called the Bible.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Hey - Clyde quit his job because they refused to give him time off to go the assembly. That's what we were encouraged to do. Of course.... that was before we were married and had kids. He was young, strong, and work was plentiful, so he just got a new job when he got back. I'd shudder to think of trying that now.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Suffice to say that almost every experience that JW's use should be viewed as at best, altered, out of context, not telling the whole story, and very likely, wrong.

    They could have chosen an experience about a missionary who went to Africa, was almost killed twice, then left their fruity little cult after he realized that the dogma was ridiculous, that they were hypocrites, that their own history damns them, that they are false prophets, etc. That would have been the truth about me. I doubt an experience that is that truthful will ever be in their propaganda magazine, the Watchtower.

    I used to love the life stories in the WT. Now, I remember them as sad testaments of devotion to a cult that had as its intent the goal of using up every young and able bodied person they could find for their cult agenda.

    Assembly experiences are even worse. Who the hell knows where they come from. At least in the WT, you can go back to it in writing, because they are sooo specific these days. *rolling eyes*

    A typical WT experience would be as follows

    19 year old Sarah (name has been changed) received a scholarship offer to a prestigious university. (Probably Long Island Community College, but I digress) Sarah (not her real name) was also being pursued by a young man whom she had known at high school for years. How would she deal with these dark and sinister temptations of Satan?

    Sarah (not her real gender) reports: "At first, the idea of making money, having a college education, not living in a single wide trailer in the middle of nowhere, and not being alone or married to a JW @$$hole was very appealing. But then I realized that by trying to take care of myself, I would not be putting the interests of Jehovah The Governing Body first in my life. After a long talk with my parents and 2 elders, I made a correct decision."

    Sarah (a hemophrodite, fictional character we made up) rejected the scholarship and told the boy that she couldn't date out of her faith. Several years later, though leading a simple life and living alone in a single wide trailer in the middle of nowhere, knows that she has spiritual riches in heaven. (even as we, the GB, have material riches now)

    Sometimes, I really hate what the GB does to people. Manipulative lot aren't they?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just as the WT prints fanciful stories as factual happenings, JWs do exactly the same - whenever they 'state a fact' (usually to support a pile of WT cr*p), it's accompanied by, 'I read it/heard it somewhere' (yeah, a WT/from platform)


    After reading experiences here..


    Having my own story manipulated from an assembly stage..

    I am sure that is not the real story..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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