strange experience by a Br. from the GB at assembly

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  • inbetween

    was on summer, experience went like that:

    "a couple from Russia, sold even their house in order to be able to attend an assembly in Germany....."

    basically no more information given

    hm,but important questions are left open:

    Did they plan to sell their house anyway, and just used some of the money to go to the assembly ? - Then the experience leads to the wrong conclusion.

    Did they sell the house, because they planned to move to germany ? - Then their motive was at least not merely to attend the assembly !

    Did they really just sell the house so they are able to attend, which otherwise would not be possible ? - Then what happened afterwards, did they live on the street, join bethel or what ??? If they came back, having no housing, sorry, then they are just plain stupid, or rely on other brothers, who, being not spiritual, stayed home ?

    Many questions left open after this strange experience, but what did the brother wnat to tell the audience ?

    I guess, the message was, dont be so materilistic, put all your means to the kingdom work (=WTS interests)...

    Many brothers were a bit puzzled at this strange example.....some brain dead of course swallowed every bit of his tlak as the word of God himself...

  • fokyc

    I have heard SO many of these experiences there is never enough to sustantiate them.

    Usually they then crop up again, maybe slightly different scenario.

    Perhaps the dubs should go into the fairy tale writing business!


  • agonus

    All I can say is, they better be getting some DAMN cheap hotel rates...

  • wobble

    Dear Fokyc,

    The WT have been in the Fairy Tale business for 130 + years.

    I guess there is some truth in the basic story, but WT speakers, GB or not, cannot help themselves, they just have to put on some "spin" and leave the whole thing so vague that the R&F Dubs will put on some more. Sick.



  • dozy

    The WTBTS always seem keen on people selling their homes to "focus on spiritual pursuits." Yet they don't seem to feel the need to sell their own facilities & lease cheaper , alternative property. Bit odd , that.

  • cattails

    Hmmm... If the WTS is so spiritual why don't they publish an experience where they sold a building in order to help poor widows?

    Or got rid of some redundant KH (now that they're combining congos like crazy) and used the proceeds to put a roof on some poor family's house?

    Or maybe how they sold some of the old printing machines they have parked on the side, unused and buy tuition and school clothes for poor children in Africa?

    Etc. Why? Because they are NOT "so spiritual". They expect sacrifice from everyone else for their benefit.

  • designs

    Kind of the ol Abraham scenario, be a nomad. Quite a few people sold their homes pre 75, many never were able to afford buying a home again. Of course a lot of Churches have missionaries living around the world, helping in poverty stricken areas.

    Some of the Bible Student groups will only lease or rent a building for a place of worship, believing their time here is temporary, other Bible Student groups have nice places of worship that they own.

  • ldrnomo

    You mean I can tell a story, pose it as true, but not have all the facts? That means the people that hear my story will fill in the blanks based on the way I present it.

    Isn't that the way the bORG drones get their information? That's the way it happened to me. I always had those questions about the facts that weren't there. BUT!!! I never talked about them to others, except my wife. And at the time felt I had to be a little guarded. Plus there is a little of that phenomena I like to call "the emperor's new clothes" when there are assemblies, conventions, meetings, and I guess you could say "where three or more are gathered, there will be peer pressure" (oh wait is that what he said), seems true to me. But then again am I expressing all the facts? That's up to you to fill in the blanks. Forgive me for rambling after all, it's 1:30 in the morning and I couldn't sleep.

    Haven't we all done that very same thing though, for some reason or another. It's just a form of manipulation. When we try to convince somebody of our view on some political issue, or our view on some religious issue. I know all about this, I grew up in an Italian family where everyone had their way of doing things and they were the only ones who were right. I've been trying to break out of that genetical (made up word) mode all my life. Of course my 28 year membership or should I say sentence in the bORG stifled my escape.

    The best manipulators are the one's that believe it themselves. I'm not saying it can't be done by someone who know's it's all bullshit (can I say that?). It's just that someone who believes it comes off sounding that much more believable. Like we may have done when we went door to door with it.

    Just to get back to the core topic of this thread, wouldn't it be cool if we could start a thread containing all of the stories like this one that have left out many facts and that were presented to manipulate the JW mind. I suppose the yearbooks would be one good source for that material. Of course aren't we surprised that the GB wanted us to read the YB from cover to cover. Never could get into one of those. Does anyone want to read all of the yearbooks and compile a list of true stories with parts missing? I'm joking, that would require an iron stomach.

    Oh well I'm finally getting tired. Guess I'll ramble off to bed. Hope I haven't bored anyone, and I especially hope I haven't convinced anyone of anything with this rant.


    Love spell cheek its grate.


  • inbetween


    o yeah the yearbooks, never cared for them too much, just went through some short updates on certain countires in the beginning, but I think in all those years as a JW, I may have read one or two cover to never prooved anything to me...

  • VM44

    "a couple from Russia, sold even their house in order to be able to attend an assembly in Germany....."

    Sounds like a story from the WEEKLY WORLD WATCHTOWER!

    These "experiences" are from a far away land and don't include enough details to verify.

    They are stories fit for publication by a supermarket tabloid!

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