A Superior Intelligent Creator Of the Universe or Universes Would He Be Emotional?

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  • frankiespeakin

    Suppose that a superior intelligence created everything in the universe and for all we know ours could be just one of an infinite number of universes which seems to be very plausible these days but no way of knowing for sure (yet).

    Would such a creator match up with the personality of the Biblical Deity? Would such a creator be filled with emotional jealousy over worship given to other deities as false as they may be, and becoming enraged to the point of annihilating those who worshipped albeit false gods.

    Would his anger blaze over some relics he gave his people to symbolize his presents and they mishandled them like the case of Uzzah who tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant?

    Would he get angry at his creation Adam& Eve who were as the bible says innocent and had no knowledge of good and bad and so ate of the fruit and were kicked out of paradise to suffer and raise offspring doomed to suffer over a trifle that they committed while ignorant and naked?

    Lets take a look at a busy super intelligence that can take all things into account.

    I guess that to be a super intelligent Creator able to make something out of nothing and able to see everything all at once everywhere in the universe would require an information system that would have to be instantaneous and would not be limited to the speed of light as this would be far to slow to reach him to be effective or useful especially if he could not be contained in the universe he created. And add to that the mind he would have to have to be able to process all that information happening everywhere in this universe that covers billions of light years of space filled with all types of stars, galaxies, planets and the different life forms on those planets.

    Needless to say such a being would have a lot going on in his mind.

    I think we could realistically compare the mind of such a phenomenal Creator to the mind that is common in our human species as vastly beyond ours. I think I would be using no exaggeration to say it could only be weakly comparable to our own intellect and that of a worm or perhaps the lowest form of life that has only a bunch of nerve endings constituting as rudimentary brain and our own.

    Am I fair to conclude this? I thinks so.

    And I think that any emotional similarities to the human species and an all wise Creator would by deduction have to be shear "anthropomorphism's" (the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits) and thus any representations found in the bible are logically born out of men's minds and not the result of a revelation into the mind of God or through a spoken word originating from.

    Thus we find the bible is full of anthropomorphism's, such as God gets tired after six days of work and rest on the seventh, God has a wife, God get filled with anger and it comes up into his nostrils, God hide his face from us,God pants and gasps and looses all self control, he becomes indignant, aroused to jealousy, finds pleasure in whole burnt offerings as they smell like a restful odor to him.

    So is it reasonable to conclude that a superior Deity would really feel like we do? or would he have bigger fish to fry?

  • thetrueone

    Support your thinking on this totally, the god of the ancient Israelites acts more human than a supreme spiritual being.

    This imaginary expression of a omniscient god plays far too much into the world of physical mortality and social behaviors..

    Well I guess men just want the power and stature of a god so much unto themselves they will come up with as many stories

    as they can.

    You can use the WTS. as a reference to that statement.

  • frankiespeakin


    It also helps to realize that those ancient people had no idea of the vastness of the universe they had no telescopes and when a lot of those words were written they thought the earth was the center of the universe, and besides the Jehovah was just one of their gods who later became their head chief Deity. So their idea of God were as small as their own world view.

  • frankiespeakin

    It is human nature to imagine and think we know what others are thinking it is a survival trait that has served us well. It's part of our brain process that allows us to be part of a group and saves us from many possibly bad situations. That's one reason many enjoy sports so much is because of this human trait we are able to put ourselves in the athletes shoes and so we have excitement when he wins or pulls off some great feat because we live it with him when we watch. Sorta like empathy that makes us feel good.

    But this survival trait can also lead us into thinking we know the mind of god too, because we fail to see what we are really doing when we do it.

    How many times have we heard someone say when they have a disagreement with some one or they have been wronged by someone that God is my judge or when they feel God will exact vengeance in some way for them or they may say God will punish you because you did this or that to me. What are they doing is assuming to know the mind of God and that their thoughts are Surely Gods thoughts. Isn't this the very same things that those who wrote the bible did when they say God's anger blazed at this or that or that God felt hurt in his heart for this or that aren't they simply taking this human survival trait where we imagine we know what someone is thinking and assuming to know Gods thoughts? It happens all the time in real life. And this I think explains why we have what are stated to be God's thoughts in the bible. It is merely an over zealous bible writer writing down what he erroneously feels are God's thoughts.

  • thetrueone

    The human ignorance factor was quite high in comparison todays knowledge of the world we live in.

    For example lighting and thunder, v olcanoes and earth quakes.

    Storms and floods devastating vast amount of areas.

    The list was along one, the gods gave explanation for these events.

    Also attaching to these powerful gods was deemed personal beneficial to the wants, desires and needs of the people who

    believed in them, hence the many gods of the ancient world and cultures.

    Once people made a sort covenant and worshiped their god or select gods ,

    breaking away from that relation was deemed to be futilely dangerous,

    perhaps too for the high priests that were said to be a direct connection to the gods. $$$

  • PSacramento

    I think the OT TRIES to explain God and doesn't typically do a very good job of it.

    And while I know that God has emotions I also know that one with omniscience most also have omni-empathy ( or whatever would be the correct term for ALL POWERFUL EMOTIONS.

    If one beleives that God made the universe or at lease had a big part in making it, we also have to believe that all that happens, happens because it is suppose to hapne that way and even God is a "slave: to his own creation and the rules he made so that creation can exists.

  • frankiespeakin

    P Sac,

    If as you say:"I know that God has emotions"

    You must realize that emotions come from chemicals for example the feelings of love, hatred and empathy are all chemically manufactured emotions. We feel emotions because they are result of certain chemicals released into the body and brain that make us feel a certain way chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, and the list goes on and on.

    So for a Supreme Being to have emotions like ours He must have a similar electro-mechanical processes like that of humans and other animals on our planet. Which I find very hard to beleive which make me conclude that any reference to This being having emotions is a"anthropomorphism".

  • PSacramento


    If we believe in a creator ( which I know you don't) and that we were created in "his image" then if we have emotions that so does God.

    They may work diferently or not, don't know.

    Of course we are putting the "label" emotions of it and it may will be soemthing different, who knows?

    Philosophical questions are great as long as you aren't looking for an answer ;)

  • SixofNine

    PSacramento has Omni-anthropomorphism.

  • PSacramento


    I don't know what that means, but thanks


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