Vatican slams avatar.........of course they do!!

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  • Twitch

    Great movie

    The pope should chill.

    Yea, smoking is bad but come on people! (lobbyists)

  • Bystander39

    First - if you read the article, it is clear that it was a movie review and not a statement by the vatican (which I have no love for, I'm not a RC apologist by any means). Then, the review states what I've been hearing from people who have seen the movie: The visuals are absolutely stunning and should definitely be seen in 3D. However, it's plot is slim to none. It's been compared to taking Disney's Pocahontas and changing the location to another planet rather than the 'new world.' I'll still probably see it, but don't expect much from the storyline. As far as the smoking - I haven't heard anybody mention it until hear. Obviously, people, other than the Vatican reviewers, have their knickers in a knot.

  • BurnTheShips
    Just heard Roman Catholic Arch Bishop dies in Haiti earthquake.........he'll be at one with the earth

    Even if I wasn't Catholic, I would find your comment disturbing and offensive.

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