Bible God & Human Sacrifice

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  • PSacramento
    Hi again PSac:
    I have to be honest and say that I'm only curious about your belief (I appreciate your posts) - I don't have a particular affinity for Jesus myself.
    One of the more unworkable rationales for Christ's death (to me) has been the "penal substitution" for Adam's bad acts - and your view seems to be something different.
    If Jesus voluntary gave up something that wasn't really that meaningful or valuable (his human life), what was the point of his death?
    Oh, I think I see what you're saying - that God was willing to go through the "human experience"...yes?

    I appreciate your curiosity :)

    While I have a huge affinity for Jesus, I don't have that much for Christianity in its extreme versions.

    I have never been a big fan of the whole "make up for Adam's mess" thing.

    I think that God was not only willing to go through the whole gambit of being human, but he was trying to show how accessibale he is through his son and that, regardless of what was written before Jesus came, that he truly is a God of Love and that he loves us so much that, he was willing to suffer along side with us and continues to do so to this day.

  • frankiespeakin

    P Sac,

    Absolutly, I don't think that "the search for God" is for everyone and I think that if someone has put in the honest effort and has searched for God and not found God that it is somehow "their fault" for not finding God.

    I would consider a search for God as a monumental waste of time all based on an assumption when I analyze such flight of fantasy.

  • PSacramento


    If I viewed it that way, I would think of it as a big waste of time too.

    That is why I don't think it is for everyone.

  • VoidEater

    Thanks, PSac: While it was a digression from the OP, I like your view of it. Thanks!

  • PSacramento
    Thanks, PSac: While it was a digression from the OP, I like your view of it. Thanks!

    Thank you, your words mean more than you know.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Hmmm...this is one of Christianity's greatest theological problems. If God can do anything, say critics (including Muslins), why does anyone need to die for the sins of others?

    You back your car into my car and put a dent into it. I might look at it and say, "Don't worry about it," and that would be that.

    Jesus, in the garden, prayed to the Father and asked Him, if it be possible, to remove the bitter cup. The question is, why didn't He?

    My personal beliefs are that God must live by certain immutable laws that, in fact, make Him God. As much as He would have desired to remove the cup, the fact is, He couldn't. The price had to be paid or we could not have been saved. The world and everything in it would have reverted to what it was before, and all would have been vain.

    One website says, "Jesus is God in flesh ( John 1:1 , 14 ; Col. 2:9 ) and only God can satisfy the Law requirements of a perfect life and perfect sacrifice that cleanses us of our sins." But what kind of an answer is that? Why didn't God say, "Okay, you're forgiven!"

    It's an integral part of Christianity that the atonement satisfies the demands of justice, and this demand is fulfilled by the atonement of Christ. It then becomes a matter of faith like everything else. I believe that had God been able to remove that bitter cup, He would have done so. There does not appear to be a direct answer to the question in scripture, though.

  • PSacramento

    Cold Steel,

    You make a very valid point, God made laws and rules and even God m ust abide by them.

    I also add that if God simple forgave then the forgivenss would be worth as much as when we see what it takes to forgive, know what I mean?

    Jesus suffering and dying for us in a mortal form, a clear choice on his part, a voluntary action, showed his love and compassion and also showed how painful it is to God when we sin and how painful it is to "absolve" that sin.

  • Balsam

    I was thinking about the Jewish people they no longer do sacrifices of animals, and they don't believe the messiah has set them free yet so how do they cope with this in this day and age? I need to do some research on this I guess.

  • Mythbuster

    What sacrifice? If I intentionaly speed and get caught, I get a ticket. I have to shell out $50 or so for that. I am out $50. For it to be a scarifice, god would have to lose something. He should be down one son. He didn't lose a thing.

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