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    from ONE.org

    In addition to our round-up of statements and reactions from our partners last night, here’s an update of how our friends are addressing the crisis:

    American Jewish World Service:

    We are assessing where the gaps in service are and putting a process in place to help specific communities that might not be immediately served otherwise,” said AJWS’s vice president for programs, Aaron Dorfman. “Because of the economic and political situation in Haiti, disasters like this have devastating consequences throughout the country. Our long-standing partnerships with grassroots organizations in Haiti allow us to reach the poorest and most remote populations with the speed necessary to save lives.”


    AmeriCares is working with partners on the ground to deliver humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Many local partners are reporting it is difficult to reach staff on the ground near the epicenter of the earthquake.

    Christian Reformed World Relief Committee:

    As survivors clear rubble, search for loved ones, and mourn the losses that have occurred since yesterday’s massive earthquake in Haiti, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee staff are providing support and preparing plans for long-term aid.

    “During a disaster like this, it is hard to see anything positive,” said Ken Little, CRWRC’s Disaster Response Senior Project Manager, “but one strength that we do have is local leaders and community connections who can quickly identify needs and help us distribute aid to those most in need in a timely and effective way.”

    Compassion International:

    A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has struck just outside of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Our country staff is currently assessing the situation.

    Edge Outreach:

    The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti is a major tragedy. EDGE is responding with water treatment systems and assistance lead by Bowin Tichenor, EDGE OUTREACH Regional Director in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

    Episcopal Relief and Development:

    In the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake, Episcopal Relief & Development is providing critical emergency funds to Haiti.

    Food for the Hungry:

    A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Haiti, hitting in the highly populated capital of Port-au-Prince. Food for the Hungry Haiti staff members are on the ground and our Emergency Response Unit and nearby Dominican Republic staff are mobilizing to help Haitians in need.

    Habitat for Humanity:

    A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on January 12. Habitat for Humanity is working on affordable shelter solutions with low-income families in affected areas.

    The Lambi Fund of Haiti:

    Watch Lambi Fund Executive Director, Karen Ashmore, respond to news of tonight’s earthquake in Haiti.

    Lutheran World Relief:

    A major earthquake hit impoverished Haiti on Tuesday in the capital Port-au-Prince. LWR is currently contacting its partner in Haiti and will be responding.


    Oxfam has its emergency response team for Latin America based in Haiti so we are well prepared, with a public health, water and sanitation team in Port-au-Prince ready to respond. We also have emergency supplies in Panama that we are preparing to send in as soon as possible.

    Partners in Health:

    A major earthquake centered just 10 miles from Port-au-Prince has devastated sections of the city and knocked out telephone communications throughout the country.

    With our hospitals and our highly trained medical staff in place in Haiti, Partners In Health is already mobilizing resources and preparing plans to bring medical assistance and supplies to areas that have been hardest hit. In Boston, our procurement and development teams are already fielding numerous offers of support and making arrangements to deliver resources as quickly as possible to the places where they are needed most.

    Physicians for Peace:

    Dr. Lisbet Hanson, an Ob/Gyn who is in Haiti working with Partners In Health, sent this update to Physicians for Peace last night to report on conditions on the ground:

    “Many many thanks for your help. we are fine, trying to work with PIH to help in any way we can. Cange seems fairly calm and no major destruction here, though a lot of panic initially. Patients may be mobilized to Cange and Hinche: There is only one general surgeon and the Haitian ob/gyns are anxious to leave to check on their families in Port au Prince as they have had no contact. Sometime today I will have a better idea of what is happening. Thanks for your prayers and all that you do. I hear the devastation in Port au Prince is huge.

    World Food Programme:

    WFP is mobilising all available resources to bring urgently needed food assistance to thousands of people affected by the devastating earthquake which hit the Caribbean island of Haiti on Monday. As well as causing widespread death and destruction, the quake has left thousands of people hungry.

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    For those in Canada wanting to help

    www.redcross.ca click donate now and select Haiti Earthquake from the drop down menu or call 1-800-418-1111 and again can target the donation to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. In the past 24 hours we have already received $800,000 from Canadians not to mention Corporate and Government support.

    Humanitarian spirit is alive and well in this 'world lying in the power of the wicked one.'

    As someone assisting in the coordination of the response THANK YOU for your generosity and desire to help those impacted by disasters

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    Was wondering about you Uzzah,

    I read where a Canadian nurse, only two hours after arriving in Haiti, got killed from earthquake.

    She was on her way there to help set up clinics.

    So sad, my condolences.


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    It is so sad about the nurse! I was wondering if it is unrealistic to have clothing drives for Haiti. I know that things were sent to Korea after the Korean War. Just a thought.

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    aligot ripounsous

    We have 2 nice Haïtian sisters in my (wife's) congregation whom we are fairly close to, so for this time I prefer giving them hand to hand money because they have their own channels to forward this money or goods to their relatives and friends who live in Port-au-Prince and have been affected.

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    I know your hearts are in the right place, but I think you would be smart to look at what's really going on with the red cross.

    There is some disconcerting information here:


  • Uzzah


    If you knew how little actual power the Board has you'd be embarrassed to have linked to that site. It is important for a charity to have well connected people on their Board. It isn't all that surprising at all to see execs from various industries on the Board of Governors. However the board has no authority over contracts, operations nor operational decisions.

    Also the majority of the money raised is given to the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) for distribution during an International disaster response. The only money kept by the American Red Cross is for missions assigned to them by the IFRC.

    The Red Cross by law must detail all their financials to the government and produce an annual report that can be reviewed by donors.

    I think you are wise to do research before giving but without the lens of the paranoid.

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