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  • Oceanblue

    Mom won't allow the books in the house. I've already read the whole series, but I haven't seen the movies yet. She says that since it invovles vampires, undead people, it is demonic. At first she let my little sister read the books and then later on, she had her in my dad's office with some WTS article. That was around May of last year. This past weekend I caught my sister reading the first book again. That doesn't surprise me because my little sister listens for awhile out of fear and then she does whatever she wants.

    I've even heard my mom discourageing somebody's Bible study not to see the movies. Whatever happened to it being a personal matter?I bet the Bible student was confused because no scripture was used to support why she shouldn't see it.

    I haven't heard of the Vampire series being banned like Harry Potter, but I'm sure it will be mentioned either at the assembly or at the DC this summer.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    i'm sure the org hates vampire stories but actually there all quite different. some are just gore and murder those are not good butsome are interesting. I loved the series forever knight. the stories about vampires that really became vamps against their will did some bad things but are now trying to change and sometimes they slip up due to unusual circumstances but they keep trying. I like those stories alot. the love story ones are just mildly amusing.

  • xmkx

    In general JWs are supposed to be against ALL creatures of fantasy. Vampires are seen as one of the more dangerous concepts. I had a fascination with reading about them when I was younger and got in to trouble repeatedly over it. It's not a DFing offense (that I'm aware of) but it is considered something that anyone in good standing would stay away from. At least that's how it was in the 90's.

    Even with the vampire element removed, the Society would probably STILL frown on Twilight because it's a love story between - gasp! - teenagers! Since JW teens are not supposed to date or anything like that until they are ready for marriage, it could be considered to be encouraging "loose conduct".

    I'm pretty certain Twilight is going to end up under the same status as Harry Potter once WBTS realizes it's just as popular among JW youth.

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