"the Bible contains no scientific inaccuracies"

by nicolaou 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • nicolaou

    But how can you trust the message to be accurate if you accept that the Bible is riddled with factual errors?

  • snowbird

    The Bible writers were not scientists?

    Old men forget?

    People often have hidden agendas?

    Take your pick, Nic.

    However, the Message was never lost, nor did it waver.

    Incidentally, I wouldn't say the Bible is "riddled with factual errors."


  • hamsterbait

    The hygeine Laws in the Bible were in place long before Moses.

    Read Genesis carefully. Womens menstrual unclenness, gay sex, adultery, murder.

    The law on shellfish being unclean could easily have come from Ur. They had flush toilets and the untreated sewage flowed into the rivers.

    Any fool would quickly realise that shellfish give food poisoning, though they would not make the connection to the poo in the water.

    When the WT says this they mean "our version of the Bible that ties in with OUR beliefs."

    The "Water CAnopy "teaching is one example.

    Genesis said there were waters ABOVE the expanse. (The "canopy") yet in Genesis it says God placed the sun moon and stars "IN THE EXPANSE".

    The WT explains this away by claiming that the waters above the expanse became clear so the light from heavenly bodies could shine through.

    Not what anybody before the 20th century would have understood.


  • cyberjesus

    The WT lies, to cover the lies in the bible. Well anybody who believes in the bible lies to themselves just to believe in it. I use to lie to myself and think that God could do anything he wanted. Thats the biggest lie that makes you believe all the other lies. And that is called "the truth", and we are called liers.

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