How do you reply?

by darthfader 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • snowbird

    Proverbs 11:12

    Proverbs 12:18

    Proverbs 18:21

    Interesting mnemonic pattern, Stephen.

    Something else:

    Proverbs 18:13 Answering before listening
    is both stupid and rude. MSG


  • tjlibre

    I read your posts mouthy. I think that they are very thoughtful, I like.


    I’m also new to the “posting in forums” thing. This is the first forum I joined and post.

    When replying, if I have nothing to say about a topic I don’t post. If I do have something to say, I check all the post so I don’t repeat what was already said. Sometimes I try to watch for grammar and spelling, sometimes I don’t have time for that. But I like to draft my reply on MS Word, edit, copy, paste, send…

  • mouthy

    But I like to draft my reply on MS Word, edit, copy, paste, send…

    Thanks TJ I am to stupid to do that just reply & submit

  • Heaven

    To answer your question Darth I say my piece which usually closes EVERY topic....

    Mouthy is the JWN "Closer"! Cool. (think... Kyra Sedgwick)

    I have 2 modes... my usual is to just type out my answer in the "Post a Reply window" and hit submit.

    For some threads, though, I wait to read what others are saying and also to formulate my thoughts. It really depends on the subject matter. Many times I won't post as people have already said exactly what I am thinking. And of course, it all depends on how much time I have.

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