Why would the WTS use quotes from Francis Hitching?

by cantleave 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • wobble

    I have to admit that I came across their selective ,or miss-quoting, many years ago whilst reading a book that gave a fuller quote from the book they stole from. I say stole because they stole the reputation of the writer.

    The WT used a small chunk of his words to make it sound as though he did not believe the trinity when he was an ardent supporter ! (This is in the Trinity brochure)

    This was put on one side by me , quite how I rationalised it I cannot remember, And quite why it took me all those years to wake up ,when I was aware of so much, I don't know. Cognitive Dissonance ruled in my case.

    But the more downright dis-honesty we can point out, the better it will be for readers here.



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