Do you use natural products?

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  • asilentone

    Soaps? Shampoo? Deodorant? Shaving Cream? Lotion? I have tried the soaps. They are very good! I like the Sunrise soap the best. You can order samples of 6 different soaps for $4.50 plus shipping. They do not have any chemicals! I want to try more natural products, I do not like most of them, but there must be more good ones out there, any suggestions? Keep in mind, I want to get more Natural Products only in the USA. Thank you!

  • nelly136

    i like coconut oil as skin softener/moisturiser i use chrystal soda as a washing powder supplement to soften the water and cut down the amount of soap powder needed per wash.

    ocassionally i use vinegar as a washing conditioner, or mixed with soda crystals as a surface spray cleaner vinegar and baking powder or bi carb and tin foil with boiling water as silver dip.

    microfibre gives an extra polish to teeth.and is a great body exfoliator....(seperate cloths) actually microfibres great round the home for lots of stuff vinegar is a great hair rinse and sorts out ph levels, also good for skin in general (watered down as rinse etc).

    olive oil and sugar makes great hand scrub n softener olive/coconut makes nice hair treatment over night if you dont mind wearing a carrier bag cos its a bitch to get out of pillowcases.

    lemon juice and fruit acid works quite well as skin bleach/brightener, lemon juice can help lighten your hair in summer.

    porridge oats in a cloth bag hung on your tap while youre running a bath makes quite a nice bath softener, lavender oil is great for soothing relaxing.

    if you run out of a brand make the bettings are theres something in your cupboard or fridge you can use as a substitute

  • MissingLink

    I only use supernatural products.

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  • littlerockguy

    I use a natural crystal deodorant stone instead of deodorant sprays, sticks and roll-ons and they work much better, lasts longer and saves money; they kill bacteria and with no bacteria, no odor. I also do not like the cakey build up and residue other deodorants leave behind. HOWEVER if you want to control wetness from sweat, you are better off with an antiperspirant as this does not control wetness, just odor.


  • WTWizard

    I will not use regular deodorant again--it has triclosan, which is meant to stay on the skin all day and get absorbed that way. Rather, I use natural brands of deodorant, the crystals, and/or coconut oil. All of which work at least as well as the drug deodorants do.

    I also use coconut oil instead of mineral oil as lotion. I have some beeswax based lip balm, which is better than Chapstick because it has no mineral oil or petrolatum.

  • rebel8

    I check before buying anything that touches my skin. This is a site run by Environmental Working Group. Scientists test products for safety and give very detailed risk assessments of each. These are the people who broke the story about lead in lipstick a few years ago.

    You might be surprised--many products that are or claim to be natural are not necessarily safe.

    EU does not allow certain carcinogens in their cosmetics, some of which cost about $.02 per tube to remove. The same companies sell the same product in the US but with the carcinogens because they're not required to remove them (L'Oreal, etc.).

    It's really sickening to me and no one seems to care about it.

    I use a slice of orange on my face to remove dry skin, peppermint-goat's milk soap, "natural" lotions and cosmetics, jojoba oil as a hair conditioner, homemade perfume, sunflower oil instead of body lotion (in winter when I don't need sunblock).

  • restrangled

    I've never tried natural make up products, but try to buy those that are not tested on animals. If you know of some good ones, please post them.

    I use a lot of natural products around the house though. Use a lime or lemon cut in to quarters and a cup of salt to clean and refresh your sink disposal.

    To unclog a drain use 1 cup salt and 1 cup baking soda, pour 2 cups boiling water over. Works pretty well.

    I use the "Shark" steamer to do all my tile floors, grout and bathrooms. All it takes is good old tap water, it does a better job than, bleach, ammonia, etc., and makes stainless steel absolutely sparkle. Absolutely no scrubbing involved.

    If you ever watch "How Clean is your House?" On the BBC channel they always have great tips on using natural products to clean.

    I'd love to switch over to a salt water system for my swimming pool. Cheap once you've done it, but the equipment is costly. I hate having to deal with all the chlorine. 4 gallons of concentrated liquid a week, and tablets so powerful it makes your eyes water.


  • Elsewhere

    > I only use supernatural products.


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