How can I explaine my wife SHE IS NOT a JW???

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  • Chalam

    Leave it alone, it'll fall off when it's ripe


    The problem of the WT is a spiritual one IMHO. Thus you cannot get through to a JW by reasoning or education alone. Their eyes glaze over and they repeat like robots "one pus one equals zero" even if you show them on a calculator the answer is two. It is the same with biblical truths. You can show them stuff which is plain and simple but they usually revert to their false answers.



  • Gayle

    Would she accept a blood transfusion if emergency? That would be a "critical" concern. How would she stand on that one.

  • sinis

    I live with the exact same woman you described. As one person said, If its not broke don't fix it. Be happy you made it this far, I know I am.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I too would suggest leaving it alone. I think to raise the issue might force her to take a stand -- and I doubt it would be the one you want.

    In due time she will come to her own conclusions. In the end that will be far more effective that telling her something she is not ready for

  • fokyc

    A recent talk by a CO; Donald Holley in the UK, was very clear on this point.

    If you are Baptized and have made a dedication; YOU ARE a Jehovah's Witness.

    ALL the other points like meeting attendance, Conventions and the ministry are very good to your spirituality.

    He likened it to the rungs of a ladder, with only 2 rungs the thing is a bit rickety but it still works.

    Your wife will cease to be a witness only, IF and WHEN;

    she writes a letter of Dis-association OR she is Dis-fellowshipped.



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