Ladies, MS or Elders?

by asilentone 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nugget

    I agree with Blondie. I always wondered why if the 144,000 were to be so united in heaven why none of the GB members were ever women? It never made sense to me.

    As regards Elders and MS, why bother. It isn't going to get you anywhere in real life, you are under constant scrutiny from other elders who want your job. It is a thankless task. Not to mention the guilt that happens when you realise it was all a bunch of cack and you have helped ruin peoples lives by Dfing them.

    People who want the position should never be appointed.

  • yknot


    When I was younger I would argue quite a bit that I deserved to present from the podium instead of the table......

    As I got older I just accepted the arrangement since it was suppose to be only temporary and was a futile argument....

    After reading the experiences of current and former men on JWN....... I believe I wouldn't have the patience or 'proper attitude' for such an appointment as it stands today anyways.

    This said...... I appreciate why some denominations have joint pastors from each gender along with the benefits of having some paid clergy.

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