Nine year old baptized

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  • Clam

    Pitiful practice. Could almost be deemed to be another form of child abuse. Outsiders may see this as a relatively harmless demonstraion of faith, but of course it's entering into a contract with a multinational commercial organisation that doesn't like people leaving.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Could an adult, earlier baptized as a minor such as this, use their minor status as a way to sort of "annul" their baptism and avoid DA or DF?

    Has it been tried? And with what results?

  • aquagirl

    Ive tried to have it annulled.Cant be done.I was 11 and Still waiting for Gilligan and the others to get rescued.I was a naive country girl.But I was deemed ready to make a life long commitment,due to parental and elder pressure..Df'd 20 years after attending my last meeting.Not that it really mattered,but it would have been nice to have my family be able to talk w/me w/out fear of being seen or counseled.I was so naive that I didnt even realize what the P.O. was doing when he used to expose himself to me while he and I were out in service together,alone.I just thought that he had some sort of ailment.He owned a plane,in a congregation where most folks worked in factories and farms and struggled to get by,so whatever he did was lauded and deemed great! I hope to run into him some day and

  • VoidEater

    I was baptized at 9.

    There's no State in my country that would hold a minor to a contract.

    How pitiful that the WTS does.

  • BluesBrother

    Well, it is not against WT official policy. I do not know how they square this with the other policy of adult informed baptism.

    WT 92 10/1 p22

    "Likewise today, many young ones have dedicated their lives to serve Jehovah. Akifusa, a 15-year-old, said that a part on the Service Meeting helped him to make his decision to get baptized. Ayumi got baptized when she was ten years old. She wanted to serve Jehovah because she really came to love him. Now she is 13 and just had the experience of seeing her Bible student, who has also come to love Jehovah, get baptized at the age of 12. Ayumi’s younger brother Hikaru was also baptized at the age of ten. “Some said I was too young,” he recalls, “but Jehovah knew how I felt. I was determined to get baptized once I decided to dedicate my life to serve him with all I had.”"

    When I was a young elder , our wise old P.O was approached by a child of 12/13 and her Parent. I heard him say that if she were baptized she would have to carry the full responsibility and a "normal " teen indiscretion could get he d/f'd..They thought better of it.

  • babygirl30

    You are not allowed to vote, smoke, drink alchohol, marry, drive, or sign binding contracts till the age of 18-21 (well, driving at 16). But you can commit your life to a God and a religion and be held responsible for that act at the age of 9. Or 8. Or, like me at 10. Makes no sense. :)

    changeling YOU nailed it!!!!! That is exactly what I have expressed to my own parents when they accuse me of not living up to my 'dedication'...HOW can I be held responsible for a dedication I made at 14? All I cared about was school, homework, computers (I was a geek), my braces, getting contacts, starting high school, and boys. I could marry, I couldn't buy or drink liquor, I couldn't buy a house or drive a car - BUT I was considered 'qualified' to DEDICATE my life to a religion and expected to stick to that no matter what??? HUH?????

  • shamus100

    At nine, the best she can do is underline the answers in a paragraph and rearrange the words so they sound like they are her own. Oh wait, that's all that adult JWs do too!

    Good one.

    Jehovahs Witlesses do only what feels good at the time. If it feels good, and people will think it's a good 'witness' then do it! True, they don't recommend it, but wow, the experiences that they will have at the boasting sessions will surely give a good witness to zero low-self esteem turds.

    What a joke.

  • Palimpsest

    Could an adult, earlier baptized as a minor such as this, use their minor status as a way to sort of "annul" their baptism and avoid DA or DF?

    Has it been tried? And with what results?

    Can't be done, even if you plan to stay in. If you ask, the answer is that the screening process is so "rigorous" that there is no way to argue someone doesn't know what they're doing when they ask and agree to be baptized. You also can't have a do-over, so they don't want to rescind since it would mean they couldn't dunk you again if you decided to stay in or come back.

  • donuthole

    At around age 30 when I was going through a JC for a charge of apostasy it was suggested that I was going against my childhood baptism. When I got baptised at age 12 it was after some of my peers had already been baptised and there was a congregation bus trip to Bethel that I wanted to join them on but was restricted to baptised brothers and sisters. Thus I expressed interest in getting baptised. I thought it was the right thing to do and it was done out of a certain love for God. However as an adult I saw things very differently. Yet in the eyes of those men once I had committed myself, even as a child, I was bound to it for life.

    At any rate, it is wrong for JW's to be critical for denominations that practice infant baptism because the baptism of children likewise has no basis in the Scriptures. In 2006 when I was learning these thing I wrote up some questions based on my personal research.

  • agonus

    And the perfect Son of God waited HOW long to get baptized? 'Nuff said.

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