Some Conclusions I Have Reached

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  • agonus

    And at least some of the dubs would say that WE really "don't know any better". Such is the nature of the beast.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I hope you find peace and contentment Jeff. Your posts may have helped you, but they have also helped many others on here understand things inside the borg and out. I hope you continue to share your thoughts and feelings as your personal journey continues.

  • dinah

    Something Outlaw said struck me.

    Everyone is still healing from the Damage,the WBT$ did to all of us..

    I have no idea if the healing process ever ends..

    I do know,this place helps alot..

    Does it ever end? My anger doesn't come from things that happened to me in the past anymore (or at least not very often). When I read the aftermath of all my "brothers and sisters" who wake up and lose so makes me angry and sad. But then we have the stories of the people who wake up and thrive and extend a hand out to help others.

    We're a good bunch.

  • hecouldbewrong

    Of course the healing process ends. It leaves permanent scars, but everyone has some of those. One day you look around and realize that despite your experience with Jehovah's Witnesses, that you're no more damaged goods than the 'normal' people around you. I've noticed that some people get way past that point without realizing it.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Many thanks, ATJ, for the most informative input you bring into this board. Thanks to your personal experience you impart a real insider knowledge to us about the functioning of this organisation. You have every right to be bitter but I appreciate your not being hateful , as far as I remember your posts, which sound plain honest.

  • agonus

    Some scars don't heal. Such is the human condition. You either learn to deal with it or you let it keep you from achieving your potential. No one is better or worse either way. We're all walking wounded, it just sucks that some of the cuts closest to the bone come from those who were the ones who claimed that adopting their belief system and way of life would heal old wounds rather than create new ones.

  • changeling

    Jeff: I've always enjoyed you posts and point of view. While, in the eyes of the WT, I'm a "mere woman", and did not have the "privaledges of service" availble to you, I do find parallels between your life as a witness and mine. And, except for the fact that I've crossed over to atheism, I agree fully with your perspective on life.

    I especially agree, that individuals hold much power. The way we live, how treat people, who we carry ourselves, the things we chose to do or abstain from...every aspect of our lives can be a testament to wanting to lead and promote a better, more peaceful life. Hopefully others see and follow. :)

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Beautiful post Jeff.

    thetrueone's comments reminded me of a great song by The King, Elvis, (costello) "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding?"


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