Have You Taken the Xmas Stuff Down Yet?

by OnTheWayOut 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • asilentone

    My neighbors took it down after the new year. We have about 150 homes in this subdivision. I do not see any lights now.

  • chickpea

    the "tree" is actually a 5 ft silk bamboo
    with white lights have about 13 functions,
    but i set it on the fade and glow option...
    it is truly lovely and i leave it on all year

    the decorations i have are more
    winter themed than xmas themed...
    winter is entrenched here on the
    south shore of lake superior....

    so..... the decorations stay!

    the one string of coloured lights
    that outline the front door and
    the two windows on that side of
    the house is unplugged...
    just following the example
    of the neighbors

    i will probably take them down if
    we have to rake the roof....

  • GLTirebiter

    I took mine (outdoors) down last weekend before the cold snap hit, and I'm on my to help my elderly aunt with hers (indoors) this afternoon.

  • delilah

    Took ours down yesterday.....we were later this year with putting it up...so we enjoyed it a bit longer. It's bittersweet putting the decorations away for another year.

  • Finally-Free

    Not yet. It adds a little life to an otherwise boring winter.


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