DF'ed JW dies, family regrets shunning

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  • MinisterAmos

    The wife's Aunt was DF'ed right after the 1975 fiasco for getting married in a Catholic Church. Pretty harsh wouldn't you say? Anyway, her hard-core niece , my wifes' cousin Patty, as well as many other loyal Dubs followed doctrine and refused to have contact with her other than to urge her to return to the Dubs after every WT meeting that told them to "reach out" to the DFed ones. Keep in mind that Patty lived less than a mile away from her Aunt for more than 20 years.

    So we get the call today that she has died. Patty immediately calls to tell us how sad she is and that she plans to travel the 600 miles to the funeral and that her Father, a JW Elder, plans to have the service in a KH.

    I told her she is a hypocrite.

  • shopaholic

    My mom regretted shunning her cousin (whom she grew up with up) when she found out her cousin was dying. Her cousin died a few months later.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    They're hypocrites and dumb. Sadly dubs are happy when people die this side of the Big A cause now its in Jah's hands and up to him to 'remember her.

    Stupid cult.

  • flipper

    MINISTER AMOS- I'm sorry your wife's aunt died. My wife and I send our condolences my friend. I'd say your call on Patty as a hypocrite is very accurate. Jesus. She acts all sad NOW when she didn't see her aunt for over 20 years living less than a mile from her ? Yet her dad plans to have a JW service ? Too bad they couldn't have shown her more caring while she was alive ! But for JW's everything is about " outward appearance " to their friends you see. The living JW family has to create the appearance that they cared so the illusion lives on. Hang in there guy, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • moshe

    What a nice story a reporter could make out of this, so sad- I can almost see the headline now, "JW's family hold funeral service for a relative they shunned for 20 years." They are an evil bunch and I hope they get their judgment day, or even a newspaper story. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Minister Amos, is that an INHERITANCE I smell?

    How sweeter than frankincense and myrrh it is!

    How it covers the abhorrent stench of disfellowshipping, the rot of apostasy!

    Yes, that sweet, sweet smell of moolah.

    Let's get me some, boo hoo hoo.

  • ziddina

    MinisterAmos, so sorry to hear about your wife's aunt... I totally agree with what you told JW Patty...

    Shopaholic, also sorry to hear about your mother's cousin... So sad, too little too late...

    Oh. And what Darth Frosty said; Flipper was right on, too, and I think Nathan hit the nail on the head.

    Moshe - ah, I wish it were so! Zid

  • dinah

    Wouldn't any sane person think after 20 years the person isn't "coming back to Jah"?

    And most people think it's just a harmless little fringe religion, but look at the lives it has touched--in a negative way.

  • garyneal

    Life is too short, that is why I don't hold to the dogmatic principles of an organized religion. My wife refers to my ideals as gary-isms. I guess as long as those gary-isms show me how to show true christian love, I'll hang on to my gary-isms.

  • steve2

    her Father, a JW Elder, plans to have the service in a KH.

    With all due respect, I think there would be a better chance of pigs flying. I could never in a million years imagine even a guilt-ridden elder having enough authority to allow a shunned relative to have a funeral in a kingdom hall. Let him try and he'll have the other elders on him like a ton of bricks.

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