Did the Nazi colonel from "Inglourious Basterds" remind anyone else of...

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  • agonus


    Didn't you think the "Witness" mother in that video seemed awfully, I dunno, sour, every time she was shown anywhere outside of a Kingdom Hall? I tried to give this video the benefit of the doubt but it seemed almost preternaturally manipulative to me.

    What I thought was most telling about the DVD was that the coach was the most poignant character in the video (much more so than creepy Brother Auschwitz) and had the wisest line in the program: "Son, you have a gift. A GOD-GIVEN gift. Don't waste it".

    And, of course, the propaganda piece ultimately came down on the side of the Organization: There really isn't any worthwhile career outside of full-time door-knocking.

    Which, though unsaid, ultimately expresses the opposite of human emotion and logic, namely: You have God-given gifts. THROW THEM AWAY because we say so.

    Can anyone really argue with this conclusion?

  • agonus

    And don't you think it's interesting that the Tower chose a charismatic young African-American man as its protagonist? Well, lemme tell you something: I myself happen to be a creepy white German guy (ethnically speaking that is) almost twice that kid's age, and I tell you what: If that young fellow had asked ME for advice, I would have told him: Friend, PLEASE don't listen to the ramblings of small-minded failed dipshits like me, outside of this one piece of advice: Think for yourself and trust your instincts, as you are a child of God. My biggest mistake was allowing others to cloud my judgment and my GOD-GIVEN conscience. Because once you start down that road, ain't no turnin' back.

  • agonus

    Oh, and BTW, I thought "Inglourious Basterds" was fucking brilliant. Nice to see some ass-kicking Ashkenazim for once.


  • peacedog

    That scene in the farm house, with the milk... one of the greatest movie scenes of all time right there.

  • BurnTheShips

    That was a great scene. Classic Tarantino dialogue.


  • Pistoff

    That farmhouse scene is oppresively tense, terrific.

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