Deplorable Website Promotion

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  • HBH

    My sibling’s mother in law died recently, and there was a condolence posted with the BORG website. I googled the name of the poster, and found the same condolence on 100s of funeral home websites!!! See it here.
    Many of these sites don’t have mods or a way to report a website promotion. I mean who would stoop that low? Yep, they would. Nothing wrong with posting a (scriptural) condolence to someone you don’t know, but to promote the website? That’s low.
    I feel ambivalent. I’m angry that they are targeting those who are potentially emotionally distraught. On the other hand, they look like desperate fools for doing it.
    I’m not the activist type, but I’m half tempted to call HQ and ask them about this, tell them how deplorable this is, and to send a letter to the congregants discouraging the practice.


  • cofty

    That is deplorable.

    If you can track down Zinne Suji you should let them know how you feel.

  • ToesUp
    A Brother told us once that he did this same thing. He was a full time pioneer. This is how the pioneers can count their time. It is despicable. They don't care about the people just the time. Crazies!!!
  • _Morpheus
    I agree with and appreciate your anger. I also hate it when they preach to people at cemeterys and the like. When my grandfather died (who was a witness) i received a letter in the mail. It was from a random witness who saw the obit and wrote me. I was a believer at the time and still found it tacky. What makes it even more crappy on their part is there no human feeling to it. They are seeking out people who emotionally distraught and directing them to the cult simply to count service time. They wouldnt spend two minutes talking to you personally. Just drive by and throw a tract or a web site referance at you... So pointless and rude.
  • Magnum
    Just a few years ago they thought the internet was the lair of demons, and now they've gone JWdotORG crazy.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    '' Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. '' - Voltaire

    Tacky beyond disgusting cult - Westboro Baptist imitation..

    Leave grieving people alone - just leave them alone you assholes !

  • steve2

    Armchair promotion of one's beliefs in the face of human suffering and grief.

    Standard JW and fundamentalist practice. We can still be astonished by it - which speaks well about how far we have come to see fundamentalism for what it is: Looking for opportunities to reach people when they are most vulnerable and inclined to be reaching out for some comfort.

    Sadly, in one form or another, that's the disturbing story of Christianity - although I'd venture most Christians would not be so unabashedly blatant.

  • _Morpheus

    @steve, i agree ots the story of christianity in a broad sense, amd other religions as well. Its the cult aspect that chaps my ass on this issue. For example, after my grandfather died, there were pmenty of coworkers who put an arm around me and said 'morpheus, hes in a better place' or 'hes looking down on you' etc etc. these are, in a round about way, proselytizing type remarks. They are promoting that persons brand of religious belief.

    it didnt bother me because it was offered personally and with no expressed or implied expectation that i would accept their world view on it. It was simply their way of cooping with loss and they shared it by way of condolance to me, free of obligation as it were. (For the record i wasnt distraught or falling apart, he was ill and we knew it was comming).

    Whats so agrivating is the lack of any real care or compassion. The dubbies are simply capitalizing on a persons potential grief as way to introduce the cult. They dont actually care one wit about you or emotional state, its just an oportunity.

  • Pistoff

    Wow, spamming the family of the deceased.

    A new low.

  • OrphanCrow
    Wow, spamming the family of the deceased.
    A new low.

    The Jws who engage in this behavior are ghouls.

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