Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Christian denomination? The Feb. Watchtower seems to say so

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  • moshe

    The National Council of Churches lists the JW's as #23 out of the top 25 denominations in North America. They number around, 1 out of 140 Christians who are members of a church (excluding Mormons). They just want a little respect, folks.

  • jabberwock

    slim, I found two interesting uses of the word denomination in older issues of the Watchtower.

    the w58 2/1 p. 81: "Before the entire world the New World society stands as proof of this mounting increase. This it does, not as a new sect or a new denomination, because, organizationally, the New World society is one of primitive Christians, and it is neither a sect nor a denomination in the usual sectarian sense of these words."

    w56 4/1 p.221: "On January 7, in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Lord Judge of the Court of Sessions handed down the decision that Jehovah’s witnesses are a religious denomination but their pioneer publishers and congregation servants are not “regular ministers” of religion within the meaning of the 1948 National Service Act of Britain. The adverse part of this decision was appealed to a three-judge High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, only to have an unfavorable decision rendered by all three judges July 21, 1955. "

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    interesting still, that they are trying to get seen as a christian religion. Obviously they have removed themselves so far from Jesus that they cant be recognized... thats a worry eh! what if jesus comes looking for them? hahahaha

    yesterday i had my first meeting with a mediator in my dispute with the ex about the kids... she asked

    "what sort of religion is Jehovahs witnesses?"


  • Opus92

    I'm amazed that the Witnesses are lowering themselves enough to call themselves just a denomination of a larger group. They usually tout themselves as the last bastion of true religion left on the planet.

  • agonus

    "They just want a little respect, folks."

    It's BECAUSE I respect JWs that I deplore the stupidity and evil of their self-appointed taskmasters. These are decent folks who deserve better treatment. The reason many people don't respect the Witnesses is because the leadership of the organization shows little respect for other faiths, especially when they go to such lengths to insult people's intelligence.

  • skeeter1

    Wow! #3. That sounds impressive!

    So, just how many Denmark folks are Jehovah's Witnesses? A little over 14,000. Yes, it's third for Christian...but you have to look at the 163,000 Islams and over 4,000,000 Protestants. So, the Jehovah's Witnesses are not "mainstream" in Denmark. They rank behind Protestant and Catholics (and even Islam).

    DANISH RELIGION STATS: Top Stats All Stats
    View this page with: Just Stats Sources Definitions Both
    Catholic > Diocesan priests42 [104th of 143]
    Catholic > Permanent Deacons1 [90th of 90]
    Catholic > Total Priests89 [104th of 149]
    Catholics35,000 [119th of 140]
    Catholics as percentage0.64 [122nd of 150]
    Church attendance5% [47th of 53]
    Islam > Percentage Muslim3% [100th of 168]
    Islam > Population162,970 [104th of 165]
    Jehovahs Witnesses14,314 [58th of 178]
    Jews8,000 [36th of 89]
    Protestantism > By country > Protestants4,943,425 [23rd of 167]
    Protestantism > By country > Protestants > % Protestant91 % [2nd of 163]
    Evangelical Lutheran 95%, other Christian (includes Protestant and Roman Catholic) 3%, Muslim 2%
    Religions > All
    Evangelical Lutheran 95%, other Protestant and Roman Catholic 3%, Muslim 2%
    Religions > Muslim2 % [89th of 100]
    Religions > Roman Catholic3 % [94th of 96]
    Roman Catholicism > By country > Roman Catholicism > % Catholic2 % [121st of 170]
    Seventh-day Adventist Membership2,602 [124th of 232]
    State religion > Established churches and former state churches > DenominationLutheran
    State religion > Established churches and former state churches > Disestablishedno

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