My story pt 1 "The begginning of the end"

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  • acolytes

    My dislike of "Mickey Mouse" elders peaked in angry disgust when a inspection of my personal closet detached one of the sleeves of my shirt unbuttoned. I was then repremanded and threatend with expulsion from the privalige of working the microphone.I grudgingly accepted the necessity of buttoning my shirtsleeve as I belived in our just cause of helping bring about universal soveringty.

    However as a result of the above event gradually and barely noticed by myself Iam moving into the worldly life. Gradually the contours of the future are appearing. For the first time I questiond my future role in Gods organisation.


  • cantleave

    Handling the Microphones in "Gods"!!! Organisation, what a grand privilege. Continue to question - and remember it ain't gods organisation, it's a book publishing company.

  • acolytes


    I can assure you I have left the organisation. I can give absolute proof to that because I have become deeply concerned about unemployment and poverty, inflation and recession hurting more people . I have been troubled by the aggravating disadvantages of racial minorities. Also since I have broken free of the "Watchtower" God and no longer need it to comprehend the world around me. I have questiond so much that I believe that people who love are and should be able to hate. Humun beings respond with anger to frustration coercion and exploitation and I have learnt to channel both my capacity to love and my anger into work both professionally and voluntary.

    Acolytes (Of the healed class)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I don't like the first 5 words of your opening post.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Do I have this correct? You were exposing your forearm while working the mic? You flirt!

  • dig692

    An unbuttoned shirtsleeve?? ::gasp:: the horror!

    Next thing you know it will be "Brother So and So, your shoe was untied during your service talk, we will need to hold a JC as there were 60 people in attendance as witnesses"

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    if you're not qualified to carry a microphone, most of the ''friends'' have no you use for you.

  • acolytes

    Thanks for the replys.

    Seriously as my eyes opened this callous religiouse organisation forced me to assume grotesque qualities. I lost my ability to speak as I new it best to remain silent to certain judgemental statements. I could no longer alter the expression of my face for fear of giving my true emotions away. I was a tragic figure who could never succeed on my own efforts but always by Jehover and his organisation.


  • penny2

    I guess it was a blessing in disguise that they picked on your unbuttoned shirt sleeve.

    In Australia this would never happen as you would have been wearing your suit jacket over your shirt while doing the microphones.


  • minimus

    What did the elders do? Go into your closet? Yeah, they always inspect your "personal closet".

    You don't like buttoning your shirtsleeves? Why not? You're right, you are "a tragic figure". LOL

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