An old friend of mine was deleted as an elder... you're gonna love why!

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  • daniel-p

    Awesome. I hope those elders become COs.

  • JWoods
    Are you sure there wasn't some sort of physical confrontation so that it could be deemed "bringing reproach " ????( Much like a situation I know

    Maybe so, but it wasn't my story...BTW, isn't it ironic that this guy got removed for helping the DF girl, so according to WT logic, leaving her in an abusive relationship would have been the RIGHT thing to do??? WTF???

    BTW, maybe Jesus should have been removed as messiah for driving the money-changers out of the temple - "bringing reproach" - ya know.

  • brainwashed-from-birth

    Crazy.....Where is the love????

    I think Jesus would have helped too..

  • changeling

    Why am I not surprised? :)

  • leavingwt

    Your friend is a real man, not a WT robot. Good for him and his daughter.

    Perhaps this will help him to think for himself more often.

  • creativhoney

    yes he should have left the abusive relationship well alone.. after all, if the daughter got to the end of her tether, she may have had no option other than to return, and now he may be blodguilty.


  • nugget

    Mad bad world. So stupid I always thought that emergency situations were treated differently, apparently not. The brother is a hero the body of elders escapees from the muppets.

  • carla

    People on the outside and r & f who hear about these types of stories do not believe them. Sad.

    Shame on the people who deleted him for exhibiting his natural affections towards his daughter, but hopefully it may shake him up a bit and he will begin to fade.

  • Balsam

    I heard of that happening to another elder some years ago. I thought it was bizarre they would delete the elder for protecting his disfellowshipped daughter from a abusive bf.

  • crapola

    Good for him!!!

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