I "HATE" Country Music...

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  • daniel-p

    Is Johnny Cash country? Because he is awesome.

    Johnny Cash is Folk, which is Country's cousin.

  • undercover

    Johnny Cash started out in RocknRoll....50s style that is. (and country and R&B are the parents of rocknroll). He toured with Elvis, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis. As rocknroll changed, Johnny became country but not always traditional. That's why he fit in with the other Outlaws such as Waylen and Willie.

    I preferred rock over country music as a kid but as I got older I started to appreciate 'real' country music, though my tastes still run towards outlaw country, cowpunk and alt country.

    I still HATE modern Nashville BS country music. It's pop shit with a banjo, mandolin and pedal steel guitar added. That and a cowboy hat does NOT make it country.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    Hopefully, some rappers, or better yet, some Spanish radio conglomerate buys the station and you are forced to listen to THAT garbage all day long.

    Judge Dread

  • Quirky1

    Twang!! Twang!! Twang!!

  • DJK

    There is no radio reception inside my workplace. I have speakers connected to the computer so I connect to a radio station via internet. Just google a radio staion like this....97.5 WOKQ... If they have the station connected to the internet they will show a tab to click. Then I minimise the page and go about my business.

  • Quirky1

    We used to do that but the IT dept. eliminated streaming..

  • undercover
    We used to do that but the IT dept. eliminated streaming..

    Same here...but we beat that.

    Connect your PC speakers (or bring in a set) to your iphone/ipod/droid and stream through it...

  • Finally-Free

    Then, of course, there's David Allen Coe...


  • brainwashed-from-birth

    Most country does suck...

    Is Leonard Skynard (spell??) considered "Country"? I am listening to 'free bird' now and it rocks

  • journey-on

    Lynyrd Skynyrd is considered Southern Rock.

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