"sweet" story from dub land( will make anyone else cringe with horror)

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  • highdose

    Why Take Notes at Meetings

    A little girl and her family were on their way to the Kingdom Hall.

    Half-way into the trip, the little girl shouted: "STOP! We have to go
    back home!" The father asked: "Why? What's wrong, honey?"
    "Dad, we HAVE to go home now. We just HAVE to!"
    Seeing the concern in her eyes, and a little tear forming in the
    corner, he said: "Okay, we will, we will, but can you
    please tell me why?"
    With a brief sigh of relief, she exclaimed, "Because I forgot my notebook."

    The father and mother smiled to each other. "Oh, I see. Well, that's
    okay. You can ...."

    "No, it's NOT, Daddy!" the little girl interrupted, choking back her
    tears that were beginning to well up in her eyes.

    "Don't you remember, Daddy? The story of the people of Noah's day?
    Remember, they took no notes and the flood came
    and swept them all away!"

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Sweet... just like Kool-Aid.

  • mouthy

    O.K. that is a good joke highdose,put the pipe down.

  • Farkel

    Why would anyone takes notes on stuff you get to hear over-and-over a hundred times each month?


  • cantleave

    Very funny

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    So sad. The little girl appears to be terrorized, afraid she will be swept away (destroyed).

  • highdose

    this is an email doing the rounds in dub land again, no idea if its all made up or not. But the expected reaction from the dubs is "awwww!" not " how terrible! that a little girl has been so brain washed and frightened, she belives that if she does not take notes even once she will be destoryed by her "loving god"!"

  • sinis


  • hecouldbewrong

    That joke was made ad nauseum in my congregation. Putting it into a 'sweet story' doesn't say "authentic" to me.

  • 5thGeneration

    So they went home to get the notebook and ended up late for the meeting.

    Seems that Daddy and Mommy were late for a lot of meetings because of their little ones so daddy had to meet with the elders and they told him that he is a bad example to the congregation for being late for too many meetings and would be removed as a ministerial servant.

    Poor daddy.

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