The Future New Lights (jw speak for corrections) Of the Illustrative GB

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  • frankiespeakin


    Rather a mess, doctrinally, but then they bulled their way through equally bad messes in the past, no?

    Yeah they have but I think they are reaching a positive feed back loop or tipping point in the near future where they will be dammed if they do and dammed if they don't type of scenario.

    There is only so much bull shit they can feed the friends there is a limit, and I think they have buried themselves in a whole they can't get out of. I see heavy damage to membership growth as the tipping point seems to be fast approaching and the only ones they will have left are the dumbest of the dumb which will mean a organization full of loonies in their dwindling numbers making further recruiting of any quality members negligible.

  • JWoods

    Indeed so, OMG - and here again they would have to more or less completely trash a hundred years of set JW doctrine to claim that there were two classes of christians back as far as the 1st century - when in fact such an idea had never been promoted until the 1930s!!! (not that I doubt they might just try to do it, of course -)

    Don't I remember that there were only about 7,000 or a few hundred less partaking in the 1960s? I recall that the few I knew of the annointed back then really were old - probably born around the turn of the 20th century and probably mostly all dead by the late 70s or early 80s. If that is so, then the 10,800 partaking in 2009 must really ALL either be phony or practically all new annointed post 1935.

    Quite a bit of logical stretch-markings in all this if you think about it!

    And like you say, all so easily parted with if they could only give up the literal 144,000 number!

  • JWoods

    Very possible, is telling that the % gain of new partakers is nearly 3 times the % gain of new publishers in 2009!!!

  • zoiks

    I'm unsure of potential "tipping point" for members to finally wake up. Those who I still speak with are either very much "captives of a concept", or are simply too complacent to do anything about it.

    One friend of mine (a MS) who I confided in told me, "I guess I'm just not the studious type. I never really paid that much attention to all of that stuff."

    I truly think that for many JWs, staying in is the path of least resistance, regardless of any new wacko doctrine or "adjustments".

  • frankiespeakin


    I truly think that for many JWs, staying in is the path of least resistance, regardless of any new wacko doctrine or "adjustments".

    Fear of reprisals or df'n for independent thinking will keep many on the path but only with great amounts of repression of any hard to face nagging doubts spells lots of depression for the "happiest people on earth".

    Mental illness is in the cards for such repression, perhaps that may be an underlying reason for the meeting reduction playing itself out in JW land, because of the indoctrination and failed predictions at work in the psyche is just too hard to take, and anything but happifying these days and it seems that reality is starting to come crashing through no matter how hard one fights it,, which makes the bull shit feed to the flock lose it's appealing aroma and flavor it once had during the heady days when the WT crap was a little easier to swallow.

    Any way these are just my thoughts based on the way I felt during my final days as a JW, which I admit could very well be a transference of my own feelings I had at the time but atleast a good number fit this discription no mater how much they defend the organization.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Why would they bother doing anything with a healthy 2.3% growth last year? They won't do anything unless publisher numbers starts to drop or the $$$ starts drying up.

    But if they must do something they will eventually just say that the 144k may be symbolic. That's the easiest solution. They will never let those with an 'earthly hope' partake of the emblems as that would seriously undermine their precious two-class system and their own authority.

  • WTWizard

    They are really in a pickle. First, there had to have been more than 144,000 Christians during the first century alone. Doesn't the Bible itself indicate that the number of Christians during this period was in seven figures? There goes the 144,000 right down the toilet.

    Beyond this, how could it be that only 144,000 were faithful between 98 AD and 1872? In fact, it had to have been less--much less, because of the first- and 20th century "Christians". Who is to say which people during that period would have gone to heaven? And, some of the people that they have indicated are ruling in heaven were actually heretics--and would have turned apostate had they been Jehovah's Witlesses today.

  • frankiespeakin


    First, there had to have been more than 144,000 Christians during the first century alone......
    Beyond this, how could it be that only 144,000 were faithful between 98 AD and 1872?

    Good points! While the first one you mentioned could be debatable the 2nd one brings up some interesting arguments. If the number wasn't filled in a total of 1800 years with all the Christians that died trying to be faithful then Jehovah must be a very had to please dude because about a hundred thousand spaces were left open for the modern day JWs to fill or close to it if we look at the memorial partaker that reached a peak leading up to the cutoff date 1935(I don't know the exact figures but it was up there.)

    There present position needs some serious tweaking to even satisfy the most brain dead JW if they know anything about math. After all they still say that Jehovah reads hearts and a few flaws in their doctrine did not hold Jehovah back from anointing the modern day Witnesses as they celebrated birthdays and the big sin of Christmas and got involved in fighting during WW1 which led only to a hand slap of Babylonish captivity and imprisonment of 8 of their leaders after the war but no losses in salvation for those trangressors.

    They have been very inconsistent to say the least! In holding to the idea that all those Christians before they came on the scene were apostate and didn't get the reward of heavenly life and that their religion was a sham in the eyes of Jehovah.

    I think they will have to make up some new explanation and scrap the 1935 cutoff date and quite possibly discard the 144,000 literal number as the date 2014 approaches just to make their argument even remotely plausible and thus keep them in existence for how ever longer.

    I see some serious changes in the not to distant future which will mean losses either way.

    They will just need some younger and newer blood on the doctrine making body(GB) to keep the loses to a minimum because these old farts are just not up to it with their blood starved brains they are way too old and totally out of touch with reality. They will still be against education though right to the end because they don't feel good surrounded with smarter JWs to feed bull shit to.

  • ziddina

    Frankiespeakin', I love the way you compared the WTBTS to the Catholic Church; and more than once. I've also been struck by the significant similarities between the two... Especially when looking at Medieval Catholicism and modern WTBTS...

    But, I must take exception to your comment, "Young smarter blood on the GB will definately bring changes..."

    Since the WTBTS is still adamantly against college educations, who says younger blood will be any smarter?

    (P.S. I would be thrilled if the 'younger blood' WEREN'T any smarter... When cults make mistakes, people often see behind the mask and succeed in escaping...)


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The "smart" blood is on the corporate and legal side of things. The GB is ignorant about the real world and how it works. I wonder whether they even understand the psychology behind the way they control people.

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