The Day I had an Epiphany

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  • Farkel

    I had an epiphany once, but it was benign and the Doctor removed it.


  • journey-on

    choosing life: Oh, yeah! I knew some sisters like that. Loved to horn in because they were so much more righteous in their approach. She helped you alright! Helped you right on out!

    Velas: Yes indeed. Enjoying Sundays with your wife and children....THAT's living the way of truth. Little do elders know that their self-righteous behavior and counsel does more harm than good. So glad you're here, BTW.

    Farkel: Epiphanies can come back sometime, so keep on the watch!

  • oppostate
    I once dated an Epiphanie, she had a twin sister named Estephanie, I always got their names confused. It didn't work out.
    My epiphany was during a CO and BOE/MSs meeting. Never again to get put down as not doing enough, I'd had it, no more BS for me, I stepped down that weekend. The CO was .... more than a bit upset. We had words.
  • cry

    I was a young mum with 2 small kids, struggling to make ends meet. I knew I had to go back to work part-time as my husbands job wasn't paying much at the time. I had bought my son a really crappy pair of shoes for the assembley and they were so crap the buckle broke off. I couldn't afford a new pair so I had to (with great difficulty) sew the buckle back on. They looked ridiculous. lI found a job (as I have a college education), and I was standing at the literature counter on the Thursday night telling a sister that I was going back to work part-time. My husband worked shifts so he would look after the kids in the afternoon when I worked. She looked at me in disgust and said "I think you are being very materialistic" - I was stunned and could hardly speak for the tears. I said I think trying to buy my son a new pair of shoes is a necessity, not being materialist. I had to go into the toilet and have a good cry. She was a sister who had a husband with several shops, a big house, loads of money. I decided then and there that I would NEVER go back. I got a job, met REAL people again and my life began.

  • journey-on

    oppostate: I thought you were reciting a limerick at first: "I once dated an Epiphanie...who had a sister named Stephanie"....LOL

    cry: I've know some holier-than-thou sisters just like her. She did you a service by opening your eyes.

  • cameo-d

    ASphereisnotaCircle: "Jah finally answered my prayers, he said to stop doing what your doing and expecting different results."

    Are you sure Jah said that, or was it something you overheard on Dr. Phil?

  • Robert7

    I remember my last day. Was on return visits, and the lady said "I don't agree with your doctrine". I guess my mind was ready for the awakening, but the thought of our belief just being "a doctrine" really changed how I viewed the faith. I completely stopped going to meetings only a few months after that.

  • LongHairGal

    Cry, I am touched by your story and especially hearing about how you were called materialistic for providing necessities for your child by somebody leading a cushy life who doesn't lift a finger. That would have sent me out as well. I always felt that this so-called religion just didn't work if you have to work for a living. Never mind about doctrinal accuracy - these people are not in reality. My ephiphany came when I was out in service with a born-in elder, family in, boatload of friends, good job and materially well-off - who said that brothers with college ed have a hard time accepting counsel. It occurred to me then that I could not bring a young person there and condemn them to poverty. I was at a crossroads but it wasn't until 2000 when I read all the religion's scandals on the internet that I felt it was really over and I could no longer continue. How could I preach this garbage to anybody and still respect myself?

  • moshe

    No, I can't remember my last day of field service. I had gotten pretty irregular in the last few years- just an hour or two every six months (mostly fake ones at that). I had zoned out field service and meetings for many a year- the last 5 years as a JW is pretty blank.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    ASphereisnotaCircle: "Jah finally answered my prayers, he said to stop doing what your doing and expecting different results."

    Are you sure Jah said that, or was it something you overheard on Dr. Phil?

    No, actually it was something I read on the back of someones t-shirt at the gym.

    But at the time, I was convinced it was the answer that I was begging Jehovah for.

    And it was still a good answer.

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